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National Color Day: Best Color Names for Modern Babies

October 22nd is known as National Color Day! Everyone has colors that they enjoy more than others. Do you have a favorite color? Do you love it so much that you would consider using it as a baby name? If so, you're not alone. Below is a list of potential color names. The first list is much more popular than the second, but they're all interesting in their own way.

More Popular:

Ruby (red) is currently ranked as the 79th most popular name in the US for girls, as of 2017.
Violet (purple) is climbing the charts! As of 2017, it ranked at #48 for girls and will probably keep going.
Hazel (brown) popped into the Top 1000 in 1998, and the Top 100 in 2015! Currently at #43.
Rose (pink) is a timeless classic and has always ranked within the Top 400. Ranked #141 in 2017.
Iris (purple) has always been around, but has been slowly climbing, putting it up to #149.
Sienna (brown) wasn't used before the 1960s, and it hit the Top 1000 in 1995.  Currently at #222.
Jade (green) has been in use since the 1940s. It was most popular in 2002 with 86 births. Currently it is at #110.
Raven (black) hit the Top 1000 in 1977 for girls, and now ranks at #446 in 2017.
Amber (orange) ranked in the Top 100 from 1974-2004. It is slowly declining, currently ranking at #401.
Scarlet (red) since the 1930s, both Scarlet and Scarlett have been used. Scarlet is #396 while Scarlett ranks at #18!
Laurel (green) is a color name based on the plant. It has always ranked in the middle ground. Currently at #597.
Jasmine (yellow) was rarely used before the 1950s, and most popular in the early 1990s. It is now at #130 as of 2017.
Veronica (purple) the color is also named for a vivid purple plant. Not as popular as it once was, Veronica sits at #378.
Kelly (green) first hit the Top 1000 in 1948, and Top 100 from 1959-1999. It is now ranked at #595.
Olive (green) is not as popular as Olivia yet, but it is climbing fast! It went from #990 in 2007 or #256 in 2017.
Daisy (white) has always been well-used, but it is currently ranked at #170 in 2017.
Heather (purple) boomed in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s, and it lasted through the 90s.  Now it has fallen out of the Top 1000.
Jasper (red) for boys, this name has always been steadily used. It has gained more popularity during this decade, reaching #185 in 2017.
Hunter (green) quickly gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s for boys. It is now at #53.
Juniper (green) has only been around since the 1970s. It entered the Top 1000 in 2011, and ranks #314 today.
Sage (green) is more popular for girls, but is quite unisex. In 2017, it ranked at #309 for girls and #472 for boys.
Gray has been used for boys since the 1910s, and for girls since the 1990s but it isn't currently ranked within the Top 1000 for either gender yet. 

Less Popular:

Onyx (black)
Coral (pink)
Marigold (yellow)
Ginger (orange)
Tawny (brown)
Jet (black)
Basil (green)
Magenta (pink)
Lilac (purple)
Sable (black)
Peach (pink)
Fern (green)
Saffron (yellow)
Emerald (green)
Fawn (tan)
Cerise (red)
Forest (green)
Cedar (brown)
Penny (brown)
Jonquil (yellow)
Mauve (purple)
Henna (brown)
Ivory (white)
Clay (brown)
Lavender (purple)
Navy (blue)
Cyan (blue)
Sky (blue)
Cobalt (blue)
Fushia (pink)
Claret (red)
Umber (brown)
Zaffre (blue)
Sepia (tan)
Lemon (yellow)
Sangria (red)
Apple (red)
Honey (yellow)
Tiger (orange)
Cherry (red)
Taffy (pink)
Merlot (red)
Crimson (red)
Garnet (red)
Orchid (purple)
Amethyst (purple)
Slate (blue)
Ocean (blue)
Aegean (blue)
Azure (blue)
Stone (gray)
Ash (gray)
Flint (gray)

Can you think of any other color names that would also suit a child? Which of these are your favorites?

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