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Along with dozens of other names, Elsa comes from the name Elizabeth.  Of course, Elizabeth comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva. It means either "my God is an oath", "my God is abundance" or "pledged to God". Elizabeth has been extremely consistent in its popularity over the years, having always been in the Top 30 since 1880.

The lovely German Elsa is also very consistent in its popularity since 1880 in the US. Since the release of the wildly successful movie Disney's Frozen in November 2013 featuring a Queen Elsa, the baby name Elsa is expected to leap up the charts in 2014.  Before Frozen, Elsa originally gained popularity as a name among English speakers because of Wagner's romantic opera Lohengrin in 1848. Elsa was the name of the heroine in the opera.

I chose to feature Elsa as part of Scandinavian week because, while it is mostly used in Germany, it also has usage in the Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden and Norway. Even Iceland has love for it!

Here in the US, Queen Elsa is everywhere these days so if you love the name Elsa but want to avoid trends and popularity, perhaps you should consider Elsie or Elise instead. In 2013, there were 560 baby girls named Elsa for a ranking of #528. Right now it isn't ranked too high but I expect this name to break into the 300s, at least, in 2014.

What do you think? Do you know any babies named Elsa? If so, what are their siblings named? What middle name did they receive? Here are some ideas if you're in need:

Sibling Name Ideas:
Sisters: Annabelle, Charlotte, Grace, Hallie, Johanna, Olivia, Tilly
Brothers: Axel, Charles, Erik, Henry, Matthias, Miles, Sebastian

Middle Name Ideas:
Elsa Corinne
Elsa Juliet
Elsa Margaret
Elsa Violet

As a Middle Name:
Dagny Elsa
Harper Elsa
Kiersten Elsa
Maren Elsa

Elsa is a bit difficult to put in the middle name spot and also achieve good flow from first to middle to last, so it'd probably fit best in the first name spot.  What names would you suggest to go with Elsa?
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