Through my Private Naming Services, I have been honored to help dozens of parents in their baby naming quests. Here are some of the kind words from a few of those parents.

"Thanks so much for your speedy response and the detail you’ve provided, it definitely shows that you’re understanding what we’re going for. It’s also honestly just very nice to have another person to converse with about it all so I don’t drive my husband insane – he’s glad too!" - Monique
"Oh my goodness! This is SO SO helpful. I never thought I would get this type of thorough feedback. Thank you so much." - Jordan
"Wow! You really got on top of that! I love your suggestions, you've given me plenty to choose from. And I really appreciate you taking the time to make this so personal...it was well worth the donation. I think I might have found something here. You've been VERY helpful. Thank you so much!" - Jacie
"I love all these names!!! I am going to go over them with my husband and get back to you. Thank you so much for doing this for me, you really went out of your way to create such an amazing list!" - Erika
"Thanks very much for your reply!  Loving a lot of your suggestions!!  Nice to get an outsider’s perspective on everything.  You have given me a lot to think about!" - Megan
"Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas! We've been able to narrow it down to 6 names all with very significant meanings and stories, and a pretty sound. I would like to thank you again for making such a beautiful effort to help us make the right decision!" - Emily
"Thanks so much for your email. You've given us some more thoughts to ponder over. Really appreciate your efforts with such an extensive list!" - Alexis
"Thank you Kara.  I truly appreciate your advice.  This is VERY helpful. You helped me think of some things I hadn't thought of before." - Gabriel 
"Thanks for the suggestions! That was so kind of you...and to do it so quickly, it is very appreciated! You have outdone yourself! I will be in touch if we need any more help...but I think you might just have given me the fresh ideas we needed! Thank you!" - Nicole
"Third party opinions are so great when looking at names! Thanks again for all your suggestions and help!!" - Tara
"Wow you are fast! Thank you for this work. This is soooo helpful! I will definitely give your service a shout-out to any pregnant mommies I know!! " - Lindsey
"Thank you sooo much!! These names are right on!" -Elizabeth
 "Naming a person is a lot of pressure, I'm thankful I had your blog and advice to help."  -Amanda
"I just wanted to thank you for being such a big help in choosing the names for my triplets, my husband and I are very grateful for the name ideas and input you gave us and we are very happy with the names we have chosen." - Anonymous mom of 4 
"Thanks for suggesting these names. I think I have made my mind about which one to choose!!" - Zhang
"Thank you for your wonderful, detailed responses!  The concerns you've listed below are bang on. Thank you very much again for your prompt efforts and guidance - it certainly helps!" - Brandon 
"Thank you so much for this email. You are so thorough and so FAST!!  This has helped me gather my thoughts a lot already.  Thank you SO MUCH for this help!! -Allison 


Just remember, if your list looks something like this and you are in need of assistance in finding the right name, I can help you too!

Visit the Naming Services page, fill out the for, and choose the Private Naming Services option. I'll respond with some suggestions for you within a day's time. Or you can take advantage of the Social Naming Services option and ask the community publicly.

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and I look forward to helping to name many more babies in the future!

-Kara @ The Art of Naming

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