Baby Naming Services

Can't decide on a baby name? Not sure what baby names go with your surname? Can't find baby names you like? Having a hard time agreeing? Got baby name regret and need some advice?  These are just a few of the things I can help you with!

I have helped name several real-life babies (other than my own children) and would like to extend my naming skills to you. Perhaps you are struggling to find the perfect name, or perhaps you and your partner cannot agree on a name and need a fresh, outside perspective on your options.

I am here to help you find names, narrow down your choices, and pair the first name with a complimentary middle name. Below is a simple form that will help me learn more about your situation so I can begin my name research.

What you receive from me:

Private Naming Services ($40):
  • Assessment of the names you are considering
  • A list of additional names that I think would fit perfectly with your criteria
  • First/middle combinations that flow well with your last name
  • My personal "top 10 picks" for you 
  • Unlimited email correspondence until you find the right name
  • 100% guarantee that your information is kept private between you and me

Every request tends to get 1-3 hours of research and compilation time depending on the complexity of the situation.  I take this very seriously and work hard to find the best suggestions I possibly can!

So far, I have had nothing but positive feedback regarding this service and have already helped several parents find the perfect name!

(Not quite sold yet? Click here to view some testimonials from people who have used this service.)

Be sure to use the "Buy Now" button in order for your submission to be answered.  I will respond to your inquiry as soon as your payment is received. Use the PayPal "Buy Now" button below, and then submit your questionnaire:

If the form is missing a submit button or if you have any issues with it, you can also find it here. And if you could, please email me about any problems so I can work to correct them.

Thank you so much for using The Art of Naming's Baby Name Consultation Services!

Please click here to read our Terms and Conditions for this service.


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