Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Norah Bailey - (Birth Announcements!)

What do you think about when you look at a list of birth announcements? Of course you'd remember that these all belong to an actual child somewhere in this country, but if you were take a step back and look at these names at face value, do you picture anything in your mind? Do you automatically start to rate the names? Would you borrow one of the pairings and add it to your own name list? Sure, why not?

These are meant as inspiration for those in the process of finding a name, and to enlighten the rest of us as to what sort of names are actually being used. Most of all, since these are anonymous, you're meant to enjoy the names and have a bit of fun. So what would you say if I asked you to pick and choose your favorite first/middle combinations as they are and create a sibset with them?

Using the following names, share with us in the comment section what you would name twins: girl/girl, boy/boy and boy/girl. I'll share my picks below! 

Adara Helaina
Alanna Lynn
Annabelle Lynn
Astrid Emily
Aubrey Lauren
Brynn Elizabeth
Carissa Beth
Cecilia Faith
Eleanor Carole
Eloise Frances
Elsa Nichole
Gabriella Kathryn
Gianna Rose
Isabella Marie
Jocelyn Elise
June Marlene
Kinley Jo
Kira Elizabeth
Lucy Carmella
Mabel Grace
Madeleine Joyce
Norah Bailey
Penny Christine
Savannah Jo
Sydney Denae

Anthony Michael
Bernard Matthew
Callan James
Charlie Daniel
Chase Richard
Colton Steven
Damon Anthony
Dominic Aiden
Donavan Michael
Easton Thomas
Gavin Wyatt
Isaiah Lee
Jace Timothy
James David
Landon John
Lucas Brandon
Micah James
Milo Christopher
Murphy Everett
Myles Carter
Samuel John
Sawyer Franklin
Sebastian Noah
Vaughn Douglas
Vincent Ryan

Alissandra Katherine-Jean & Brady Christopher-Allen
Isaac Anthony & Joshua Wesley
Chloe Lynne & Colt Justice

My chosen twins from the boy/girl lists:
G/G: Carissa Beth & Aubrey Lauren
B/B: Milo Christopher & Sebastian Noah
B/G: Vincent Ryan & Annabelle Lynn

Don't forget to share which names you'd choose for this naming challenge in the comment section below! Thanks for playing!


MIA said...

G/G: Cecilia Faith & Eloise Frances (Cece & Lulu)
B/B: Chase Richard & Easton Thomas
G/B: Aubrey Lauren & Sebastian Noah

Molly said...

G/G June Marlene and Cecilia Faith (would prefer a different middle name though)
B/B Murphy Everett/Donavan Michael
G/B Vaughn Ryan/ Lucy Carmella

Faith Raider said...

Adelaide is one of my favorite names. I picked Jane Adelaide for my 4th child, who turned out to be a boy! But I have to say I haven't met very many people who like that name. My husband didn't like it, my friend thought it sounded like Marmalade.
But I have a cousin who's name is Sophie Adelaide. My grandmother's name is Joyce Adelaide. I think it's a beautiful beautiful name. I also like the name Adeline, it's a little bit more trendy.


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