Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Very Best F Names for Boys and Girls

You have been searching for the perfect baby name for months now. Your little one is due soon and remains nameless. You've been through the name books and you've browsed endless webpages and yet you cannot settle on a name.

It may feel a bit funny to finally focus on a specific letter, but I figure if you found your new favorite name on a fresh list like this, you'll finally feel free to move forward and be satisfied with your perfect name find! Forgive me. Fact is, I'm fascinated by the letter F!

Here are some fabulous names that start with F! 25 for girls and 25 for boys.  I hope you fall for a favorite! 

Share your thoughts on these F names in the comment section below! Which do you love most? 

  1. Fabiana                       
  2. Faith
  3. Fallon
  4. Farrah
  5. Fatima
  6. Fauna
  7. Faustine
  8. Fawn
  9. Faye
  10. Felicia
  11. Felicity
  12. Fern
  13. Fernanda
  14. Finlay
  15. Finola
  16. Fiona
  17. Fiorella
  18. Flavia
  19. Fleur
  20. Flora
  21. Florence
  22. Frances
  23. Francesca
  24. Frederica
  25. Freya
  1. Fabian
  2. Farrell
  3. Felix
  4. Ferdinand
  5. Ferguson
  6. Findlay
  7. Finley
  8. Finn
  9. Finnegan
  10. Finnian
  11. Finnick
  12. Flannery
  13. Fletcher
  14. Florian
  15. Flynn
  16. Ford
  17. Forrest
  18. Fox
  19. Francis
  20. Francisco
  21. Franklin
  22. Fraiser
  23. Frederick
  24. Fritz
  25. Frost
Find a winner? If not, don't fret. Remember that this is a 26-part series, if F isn't your letter after all, there are plenty more names to come!  Use the links below to browse all the featured letters!

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