Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mom-To-Mom: What Would You Name This Child?

Hello Moms and Name-Enthusiasts! Here is another baby-naming dilemma that could use a bit more input!  The mom-to-be is looking for the following:
  • Girl name beginning with either W, P or Q. 
  • Feminine but does NOT begin or end with a vowel.
  • Avoid the Top 100 names.
  • Longer first name with a one syllable middle name.
  • Middle name cannot start with an A.
  • The last name is also one syllable.
Right now, the priority is to find a name that ends with a consonant sound that mom and dad can agree on. Their naming styles seems to differ. He likes common and classic whereas she is a bit more adventurous.  They have two children with somewhat classic names, but she is not concerned at all about finding a name to "match".

Liked names:
Willow (despite vowel ending)
Pippa  (despite vowel ending)

What other names would you suggest? I've sent plenty of options and am waiting for another reply once she has a chance to talk with her husband but I thought I'd open this up to all of you name-lovers and see what ideas we can compile for her!


P.S. If you have a baby naming dilemma too, check out this page.
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