Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mom-To-Mom: What Would You Name This Child?

Hello Moms and Name-Enthusiasts! Here is another baby-naming dilemma that could use a bit more input!  The mom-to-be is looking for the following:
  • Girl name beginning with either W, P or Q. 
  • Feminine but does NOT begin or end with a vowel.
  • Avoid the Top 100 names.
  • Longer first name with a one syllable middle name.
  • Middle name cannot start with an A.
  • The last name is also one syllable.
Right now, the priority is to find a name that ends with a consonant sound that mom and dad can agree on. Their naming styles seems to differ. He likes common and classic whereas she is a bit more adventurous.  They have two children with somewhat classic names, but she is not concerned at all about finding a name to "match".

Liked names:
Willow (despite vowel ending)
Pippa  (despite vowel ending)

What other names would you suggest? I've sent plenty of options and am waiting for another reply once she has a chance to talk with her husband but I thought I'd open this up to all of you name-lovers and see what ideas we can compile for her!


P.S. If you have a baby naming dilemma too, check out this page.


Norah said...

Winifred Maeve
Pauline Eve

CaitieO said...

Winifred - I think it's classic and adventurous. It's also close to Quinn and Gwen. You could use Winnie or Fred or Effie as nicknames.

Anonymous said...

Wallis Quinn? Winter Rós? Pilar Wren? Phoenix Eir?

Waltzing More Than Matilda said...

My immediate thought was Guinevere Rose or Gwendoline Lark, both nn Gwen. The classic middle name Rose might make Guinevere seem more "normal" to dad, while Lark (or some other "cool" middle name) might jazz up Gwendoline for mum.

Waltzing More Than Matilda said...

Sorry just remembered was meant to start with W, P or Q!

Winter Rose, Persis Claire, Willabelle Plum.

I can't think of a feminine name starting with Q ending with a consonant offhand - there's always unisex Quentin.

Elizabeth said...

What about Winifred?


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