Sunday, June 8, 2014

Baby Naming Challenge - Car Edition

For your challenge today, you will be naming three hypothetical siblings! This past Tuesday, we saw a list of baby names stolen by big car companies and we learned all about the name Ford a couple days ago. In honor of "car week," I want you to think about your vehicle history when choosing the names for the challenge. If that sounds crazy, just bear with me a moment.

As a visual aid, here's a short breakdown of vehicle makes and models just in case you're not sure:

Make = Name of Company (Ford, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge etc)
Model = The "brand" of the car. Sometimes this is just a letter or number, or a word or name.

If you've never owned your own car, use that of your parents or partner.  Okay, here we go:

Baby #1 

  • If the make of your first car starts with A-L, you're having a boy! If it starts with M-Z it's a girl! 
  • Take the first letter of the make of your car and use it for the first name of the baby.
  • If the model of your car is a number/letter sequence, choose a vowel for the middle name. If the model is a name or a word, choose from B, D, F, K, T and W for the middle name.
Baby # 2
  • If your current car is blue, green, red or black, you're having a boy! If your current car is any other color, it is a girl! 
  • If your current car is 2-door, the first name starts with either A, L, O, P or R.  If your car is a 4-door, the first name starts with C, E, J, M or S.
  • If your car has tinted windows, the middle name must be 2 syllables long. If not, go with a 4 syllable name.
Baby # 3
  • If you currently have a big vehicle, (truck, SUV, crossover or van) it is a boy. If it is a smaller vehicle (coupe, wagon, sedan, luxury, hybrid) then you're having a girl! 
  • If you drive an automatic, choose a first name that begins with a consonant. If you drive a manual, choose a first name that begins with a vowel.
  • If your current car was made in 2005 or earlier, the middle name is 1 syllable long.  If your car is a 2006 or newer, the middle name is 3 syllables long.
Great job! Feel free to share your answers in the comments below or on Facebook!  Here are my answers:

Boy: Frederick Theodore
Girl: Cecily Winter
Girl: Sabrina Pearl


Lilah said...

Boy: Dominic Thomas
Girl: Ariel Katherine
Girl: Eloise Anne

Clare said...

Tess Bridget, Edward Alexander, and Edith Naomi :-)

Olive said...

Natalia Kate
Elliott Carlyle
Branson Dean

Elizabeth said...

Mary Felicity
Susanna Penelope
Barbara Rose

Unknown said...

Corbin Ferdinand
Jessamine Opal
Perry Lysander


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