Monday, December 1, 2014


Welcome to Scandinavian Week! You may have seen the polls that I made on the sidebar of the blog and maybe you even voted for your favorite Scandinavian names for each gender. After a tie-breaker, the winning male name was Magnus.

Magnus is a Late Latin name meaning "Great" but it is heavily used by Scandinavians, particularly those from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  It became popular in those countries because of the 11th century King Magnus I of Norway.

It was said that King Magnus I may have been named after another ruler, Charlemagne, who was also known as Carolus Magnus, or Charles the Great.  Others who bore the name Magnus include a 7th century saint, 6 more kings of Norway, and 3 kings of Sweden.

In the middle ages, the name Magnus gained usage in Scotland and Ireland. Manus is an Irish variant of the name. There's also the Finnish variants Manu, Mauno and Maunu, and the Danish Mogens.

Interestingly, from Magnus sprang forth the Medieval English name Mack which then led to the name Maxwell, which is a Scottish place name then surname.

In the US, Magnus was used sporadically from 1890 until 1981 when it gained yearly regularity. However, it has always been rare. 2013 is the first year that the name has ever been in the Top 1000. With 206 births, Magnus ranked at #958.

In Iceland, Magnús (pronounced MAHG-noose) ranked at #7 for the year 2007. In recent years, Magnus has also ranked at #4 in Norway, #8 in Denmark, #180 in Scotland and #300 in British Columbia, Canada.

What do you think of the great Magnus as a baby name? It is a strong, bold choice that will stand out! Do you think it is too bold or would you use it? What's a good middle name?  Here are some middle name ideas and sibling name ideas;

Sibling Name Ideas:
Sisters: Astrid, Caroline, Elowen, Fiona, Freya, Ingrid, Liv, Maren, Onnika, Sorena, Thora
Brothers: Caspar, Erik, Felix, Henrik, Hugo, Lucius, Odin, Rex, Sebastian, Soren, Viggo

Middle Name Ideas:
Magnus Christopher
Magnus Gunnar
Magnus James
Magnus Thurston
Magnus Yorrick

As a Middle Name:
Axel Magnus
Dane Magnus
Henry Magnus
Levi Magnus
Samuel Magnus

Share your thoughts on the name in the comments below!


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Lovise is a combination of Louis and Louise

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I somehow don't think Isis is going to be taking off any time soon :P

Kara | The Art of Naming said...

You're probably right. I'll make a few edits :)

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