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From our previous article listing names ending with the letters "-sy", we find a diamond in the rough. The most popular name on the list is Daisy.  

This pretty name is directly related to the flower. However, it also derives from the Old English word dægeseage meaning "day eye".  Daisies belong to one of the largest families of plants in the world. Often they have a yellow center and come in a variety of colors, with white being perhaps the most common. .
By böhringer friedrich - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5
Sometimes Daisy is used as a nickname for Margaret. It happened in a round-about way due to the French name Marguerite becoming associated with the daisy in French. Margaret means "pearl" in Greek, and daisies were considered "pearls of the field" or "marguerites".  So Marguerite, and the Spanish Margarita, gained association with Daisy and Daisy became a nickname for Margaret.

In pop-culture, there is the animated Daisy Duck of Disney fame. There was also a character on the 1980s TV show Dukes of Hazzard named Daisy Duke, after whom short denim shorts were named. There was the film Driving Miss Daisy, and the character of Daisy in the book Great Gatsby. Currently, rising actress Daisy Ridley of the newest Star Wars films is helping give the name Daisy more familiarity, which could lead to more usage.

In the US, Daisy has been used as a given name since records began in the 1880s. It was well used around the 1920s before declining to its lowest point in the 1970s. It rose again after that, reaching a popularity peak in 1996 with 2,514 female births for the year and a rank of #124. Now as of 2016, there were 1,717 girls given the name for a rank of #190.

Daisy hasn't reached mega-popularity yet, which still allows it to be a somewhat unexpected choice among all the other options. It is a botanical name which fits in well with Lily, Violet and others in the floral-name club; and it also has some vintage appeal. If you are considering this name, here are some ideas for sibling names and middle names:

Sibling Name Ideas:
Sisters: Amelia, Cora, Eliza, Hazel, Olivia, Romy, Zoey
Brothers: Colton, Eli, Heath, Maxwell, Nolan, Seth, Zane

Middle Name Ideas:
Daisy Annabelle
Daisy Cailyn
Daisy Genevieve
Daisy Juliana
Daisy Madison
Daisy Tabitha

As a Middle Name:
Ariana Daisy
Harper Daisy
Lydia Daisy
Michaela Daisy
Sophia Daisy
Tallulah Daisy

What would you pair with Daisy?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Baby Names Ending with the Letters "-sy"

This series is nearing the end of the alphabet. With the letters -sy, we find several interesting names. Some of these are more on the nickname side, but usable nonetheless.  Are there any names below that you would considered? The most popular options are undoubtedly Daisy, Maisy and Tansy.

Notice how there are many more options for females than males. Can you think of any others that could be added to the list?



Do you like any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments!  And view the other articles in this series focused on "name endings".

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Updated: My Favorite Names Per Letter and How They Changed From 2010 to 2018

Being the "Name Nerd" that I am, I have been keeping a list of my favorite names per letter on a yearly basis. I recently compiled these lists and sorted them out alphabetically and chronologically. I started making the list back in 2010, the year I got married and we started pondering names for potential future children. We had a son in 2012 and a daughter in 2014 whose names made the list.

I have continued to keep track of my favorite names since then, and will continue to do so, but after 8 years of this, I decided it would be fun to share my choices. I wanted to see how time has drastically changed my style for some letters, and yet has been untouchable for other letters. I have just finished posting these weekly on my Instagram if you would like to browse there and see my thoughts and explanations per letter. Here we go:

2010:  Bailey, Braden
2011: Brynna, Bennett
2012: Blythe, Brennan
2013: Bridget, Benedict
2014: Bryony, Benedict
2015: Bellamy, Bertram
2016: Briar, Benedict
2017: Belle, Benedict

2010: Callie, Christopher
2011: Cosette, Calix
2012: Colette, Cassius
2013: Caroline, Calix
2014: Cordelia, Caspian
2015: Clementine, Caius
2016: Camilla, Cyrus
2017: Camilla, Caius

2010: Davia, Damien
2011: Danielle, Dexter
2012: Delaney, Damien
2013: Daphne, Dante
2014: Daphne, Dominic
2015: Darcy, Damian
2016: Daphne, Dominic
2017: Diana, Damian

2010: Fiona, Fenix
2011: Fiona, Felix
2012: Farrah, Finley
2013: Freya, Felix
2014: Fable, Frederick
2015: Fabiana, Ferdinand
2016: Fable, Ferdinand
2017: Fiona, Finnegan

2010: Genevieve, Gavin
2011: Geneva, Gideon
2012: Giselle, Gideon
2013: Genevieve, Gideon
2014: Grace, Grant
2015: Gemma, Gregor
2016: Gemma, Gerard
2017: Gwendoline, Gerard

2010: Hayley, Heath
2011: Hailey, Heath
2012: Hailey, Heath
2013: Helena, Heathcliff
2014: Honora, Henry
2015: Hettienne, Haythem
2016: Hettienne, Hugo
2017: Hazeline, Haythem

2010: Izabella, Ivan
2011: Isabel, Ian
2012: Ivy, Ian
2013: Isadora, Inigo
2014: Isla, Ignatius
2015: Iris, Irving
2016: Isabelle, Ivander
2017: Ireland, Irving

2010: Khloe, Korbin
2011: Kerrigan, Keegan
2012: Katharine, Kellan
2013: Katherine, Keaghan
2014: Kate, Killian
2015: Keira, Killian
2016: Kate, Killian
2017: Kaia, Killian

2010: Lacey, Liam
2011: Liana, Logan
2012: Lilah, Leopold
2013: Lavinia, Lincoln
2014: Lorelei, Leopold
2015: Luna, Liev
2016: Lily, Leonidas
2017: Laurel, Leonidas

2010: Naylie, Nevin
2011: Nadine, Nolan
2012: Norah, Nolan
2013: Nova, Nolan
2014: Nova, Noble
2015: Niamh, Nicolai
2016: Nova, Noble
2017: Nora, Noble

2010: Oceane, Owen
2011: Odette, Oliver
2012: Olive, Olivier
2013: Oliviana, Orion
2014: Octavia, Oliver
2015: Ottilie, October
2016: Octavia, Oliver
2017: Olivine, Odin

2010: Piper, Paxton
2011: Pemberley, Perrin
2012: Philippa, Phinneas
2013: Primrose, Peregrine
2014: Pearl, Paul
2015: Posy, Phillip
2016: Pommeline, Pim
2017: Pippa, Pomeroy

2010: Qwin, Quentin
2011: Qiana, Quinn
2012: Quintessa, Quentin
2013: Quintessa, Quincy
2014: Quintessa, Quill
2015: Quinlana, Quade
2016: Quiana, Quaid
2017: Quintessa, Quentin

2010: Sadie, Seth
2011: Sophina, Sebastien
2012: Susannah, Silas
2013: Sybil, Sebastian
2014: Sophia, Soren
2015: Sable, Stellan
2016: Sable, Soren
2017: Sylvie, Samwise

2010: Tavi, Toby
2011: Tieve, Torrin
2012: Tamsin, Thaddeus
2013: Tamsin, Theodore
2014: Tamsin, Tolliver
2015: Temperance, Tristram
2016: Tessa, Thaddeus
2017: Thora, Tolliver

2010: Ulani, Uriah
2011: Ulani, Uriah
2012: Urania, Uriel
2013: Ulyana, Ulrich
2014: Ulyana, Ulysses
2015: Uriela, Ulysses
2016: Ulricha, Ulysses
2017: Ulyssa, Ulysses

2010: Wren, Wade
2011: Wren, William
2012: Winslet, Willoughby
2013: Wilhelmina, Wesley
2014: Winter, Wesley
2015: Willamena, Wilder
2016: Willow, Willoughby
2017: Wintress, Wolfram

2010: Xaviah, Xavier
2011: Xaviere, Xavier
2012: Xasha, Xavier
2013: Xanthe, Xavier
2014: Xenia, Xander
2015: Xanthippe, Xanthus
2016: Xavierre, Xander
2017: Xiomara, Xanthus

2010: Yvette, Yale
2011: Yesenia, Yale
2012: Yara, York
2013: Yara, York
2014: Yve, Yannick
2015: Yvanna, Yorrick
2016: Yesenia, Yale
2017: Yveline, Ysidor

Update!:  Here's my new additions for 2018:

Allifair, Arthur
Bellamy, Beau
Cassandra, Cedric
Dagny, Dresden
Evanna, Evander
Freya, Ferdinand
Glorienne, Gerard
Hermione, Hawthorne
Ignacia, Irving
Juliet, Jerome
Keely, Killian
Lily, Link
Maeve, Milo
Nova, Noble
Octavia, Oliver
Pellinore, Pippin
Quelle, Quentin
Raine, Roland
Sybil, Sebastian
Thora, Theo
Uma, Ulysses
Vritta, Vesper
Wintress, Wolfe
Xavia, Xan
Yesia, Yorrick
Zelda, Zario

Which set of names do you like best?  Share your thoughts and observations in the comments below!


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