Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sweet, Sassy, Southern Names for Girls

What are your favorite "country western" or "mid-western" names for girls? Sweet, sassy, and southern mixed with hospitable charm. Which names might define that? This is obviously going to be highly subjective, but it's fun to explore possibilities in this category. What do you think of this list?:

Abigail Adabelle Agnes Alice Aliza Althea Alma Amabel Amelia Amy Anna Annabelle Annie April Ashley Augusta Autumn Avril Bailey Bea Bess Bethany Betsy Blanche Blossom Blythe Bonnie Braelyn Callie Caroline Cassidy Celia Charlotte Clementine Constance Coralee Daisy Delilah Della Dixie Edie Eliza Eloise Emmylou Faith Florence Frances Frankie Georgia Glenda Glory Hadley Haley Hannah Harper Harriet Hazel Heather Heidi Henrietta Hillary Holly Ida Imogene Iris Ivy Jacqueline Jana Jeanne Jill Jocelyn Josephine Julia Justine Kassidy Katherine Kay Larissa Layla Leigh Leora Lilibeth Lucille Luella Lyla Macy Madeline Magnolia Maribel Mary Maxine May Mayella Molly Narvie Nellie Nora Odessa Odette Pauline Phoebe Portia Quinn

Rebecca Ruby Sadie Salome Sally Savannah Scarlett Shelby Sheridan Stella Suellen Susanna Tabitha Talullah Thelma Tierney Vanessa Vera Victoria Vivian Whitney Willow Zadie

Which do you like most? Can you think of more to add to the list?

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