Monday, July 6, 2020

I Have A Common Surname, What Baby Names Should I Pick?

Jones, Smith, Miller, Davis, Johnson, Williams, Brown, Moore, Taylor, Anderson... At least in America, these are some of the most common surnames.  There's no right or wrong in naming, but you definitely have a variety of options. In fact, you could choose anywhere from an incredibly popular name, to something nobody's ever heard of.  That's up to you!

But here are some ideas for each of the surnames I listed above.  I am basing this on the presumption that we are naming a baby in 2020 and want to follow modern styles and popularity.

Popular Names:

Your surname is super popular, might as well go the whole nine yards and choose a super popular first name, too. There's nothing wrong with that. It happens often. There's something about the anonymity of being one of many if you value your privacy.  Here's some ideas for the ten surnames I listed.

Mason Jones
Liam Smith
Noah Miller
Oliver Davis
Ethan Johnson
Aiden Williams
Sebastian Brown
Lucas Moore
Owen Taylor
Carter Anderson
Emma Jones
Olivia Smith
Ava Miller
Isabella Davis
Sophia Johnson
Mia Williams
Camila Brown
Grace Moore
Chloe Taylor
Layla Anderson

Modern Choices:

These names are at the top of the charts. They're sort of a new wave of popular, not including traditional names or biblical names. They are rising fast and people seem to love them. These names are newly popular enough to be considered unique in the sense that it's mostly the younger generations will have these names. These weren't used as often in the past.

Jaxon Jones
Grayson Smith
Jayden Miller
Hunter Davis
Arlo Johnson
Finn Williams
Hudson Brown
Beckett Moore
Atticus Taylor
Wyatt Anderson
Mila Jones
Harper Smith
Aria Miller
Madison Davis
Luna Johnson
Avery Williams
Kinsley Brown
Genesis Moore
Nova Taylor
Zoey Anderson

Traditional Names:

These are names that have stood the test of time. Everyone knows someone with these names. They're everywhere and cross all generations, they even have many international variants and work well in other languages. Even with a common surname, you can't go wrong with these solid firsts.

William Jones
Alexander Smith
James Miller
Michael Davis
Samuel Johnson
David Williams
John Brown
Henry Moore
Daniel Taylor
Joseph Anderson
Elizabeth Jones
Charlotte Smith
Evelyn Miller
Amelia Davis
Emily Johnson
Victoria Williams
Gabriella Brown
Lillian Moore
Eleanor Taylor
Caroline Anderson

Biblical Names:

This is a whole genre of its own. The names below are common and familiar, and translate well in other languages. These are all handsome, solid picks.

Gabriel Jones
Elijah Smith
Levi Miller
Isaiah Davis
Ezra Johnson
Zachariah Williams
Josiah Brown
Ezekiel Moore
Micah Taylor
Jonah Anderson
Hannah Jones
Abigail Smith
Ruth Miller
Naomi Davis
Anna Johnson
Sarah Williams
Esther Brown
Keturah Moore
Miriam Taylor
Tabitha Anderson

Trendy, Bold Names:

This is a bit subjective, but based on what is currently stylish and somewhat on the unexpected side, here are some names that are hot and interesting, and speeding up the charts:

Milo Jones
Kai Smith
Declan Miller
Hugo Davis
Silas Johnson
Maverick Williams
Atlas Brown
Asher Moore
Rowan Taylor
Bodhi Anderson
Iris Jones
Amara Smith
Elodie Miller
Freya Davis
Penelope Johnson
Imogen Williams
Astrid Brown
Thea Moore
Seraphina Taylor
Esme Anderson

Uncommon Choices:

These names are ranked within #800 - #1000 in popularity in the US, making them familiar but uncommon enough that you won't run into too many of them, even with a common surname.

Toby Jones
Decker Smith
Creed Miller
Boden Davis
Vance Johnson
Heath Williams
Landry Brown
Keagan Moore
Gerard Taylor
Dayton Anderson
Zora Jones
Whitley Smith
Janessa Miller
Scout Davis
Bellamy Johnson
Tinley Williams
Ellison Brown
Luella Moore
India Taylor
Mavis Anderson

Nature Names:

A little outside of the box, nature names are a great way to contrast against a common surname. If you want something different, try one of the names below:

Reed Jones
Huckleberry Smith
Fox Miller
Robin Davis
Stone Johnson
River Williams
Aspen Brown
Peregrine Moore
Wolf Taylor
Frost Anderson
Azalea Jones
Magnolia Smith
Primrose Miller
Juniper Davis
Dahlia Johnson
Flora Williams
Venus Brown
Clementine Moore
Pearl Taylor
Willow Anderson

Obscure and Unique:

These names all rank outside of the US Top 1000 names in 2018, meaning there were fewer than 250 births per name total throughout the country. Coming across another person with this first name is rare; coming across someone else with the same first and [common] surname as you is even more rare. These are great options if you want your kid to really stand out in contrast to the common surname.

Leif Jones
Callahan Smith
Channing Miller
Evander Davis
Legacy Johnson
Osiris Williams
Ulysses Brown
Dashiell Moore
Finnick Taylor
Montgomery Anderson
Winnie Jones
Lenora Smith
Emerald Miller
Magdalena Davis
Ireland Johnson
Fallon Williams
Persephone Brown
Kensington Moore
Darcy Taylor
Harriet Anderson

There are plenty of other options, but the most important thing is to choose something you love, no matter how common or unusual it is.


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