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Hey there name-lovers and parents-to-be!

If you are on this page, that means you have enjoyed browsing The Art of Naming or you've benefited from the Private Naming Service and you'd like to make a generous donation toward the upkeep of this site. These donations help cover website and marketing costs and the time and effort I put toward helping you and others like you find the perfect name.

Naming can be a difficult process sometimes and having an unbiased 2nd opinion can be extremely helpful! I enjoy being able to help new parents on this wonderful journey and when you make a donation toward the site, it allows me to afford to spend more time doing just that! So thank you!

You may use this button to complete your transaction.

Note: My Paypal account is under the name Zos Studios rather than The Art of Naming. It is the business name I use.

-Kara Cavazos @ The Art of Naming

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