Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby Naming Challenge!

I thought I would issue you a naming challenge! Just for fun, of course. Should you choose to accept, here are my terms:

You will be naming three hypothetical babies. Siblings but not triplets. Use the links for help! Here are the rules:

Baby #1 - A boy: 
First name: It has an X in it
Middle name: A Presidential Surname

Baby #2 - A girl:
First name: A flower or tree name
Middle name: Vintage "old lady" name

Baby #3 - A girl:
First name: It is 4-letters long
Middle name: An Ancient name

Post the names that you came up with in the comment section for all to enjoy! You may even write what their ages are and come up with a last name for them if you wish.

Here are my names:

1. Phoenix Harrison
2. Magnolia Ruth
3. June Minerva

Thanks for playing! And remember that there are more baby-name-games like this one in the forum section on the blog! 
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