Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby Naming Challenge!

I thought I would issue you a naming challenge! Just for fun, of course. Should you choose to accept, here are my terms:

You will be naming three hypothetical babies. Siblings but not triplets. Use the links for help! Here are the rules:

Baby #1 - A boy: 
First name: It has an X in it
Middle name: A Presidential Surname

Baby #2 - A girl:
First name: A flower or tree name
Middle name: Vintage "old lady" name

Baby #3 - A girl:
First name: It is 4-letters long
Middle name: An Ancient name

Post the names that you came up with in the comment section for all to enjoy! You may even write what their ages are and come up with a last name for them if you wish.

Here are my names:

1. Phoenix Harrison
2. Magnolia Ruth
3. June Minerva

Thanks for playing! And remember that there are more baby-name-games like this one in the forum section on the blog! 


Jessie G. said...

Alexander Hayes
Dahlia Ruth
Elsa Jennet

Alex, Dolly and Elsie

Isabelle said...

Fun!! I'll go with... Jaxon Taylor, Lily Evelyn, Sage Lavinia

ButterflyKisses89 said...

Exton Monroe
Acacia Josephine
Wren Athalia

Liiiiilahhh said...

Maxwell Lincoln, Hazel Adelaide, Jane Francesca


Alexander Pierce, Senna Tess, Else Aikaterine.

Anonymous said...

Axel Grant
Hazel Louise
Love Elizabella

Elizabeth said...

Axel Garfield
Lily Esther
Mary Sibyl

Norah said...

Felix Pierce
Sorrel Edith
Vera Semele

CaitieO said...

Rex Arthur
Hazel Mae
Maud Silvia

Unknown said...

Calix Truman

Chrysanthemum Betty

Edie Octavia

Anonymous said...

Alexander Carter
Juniper Beatrice
Anya Helena

Laura said...

Knox Harrison
Iris Pearl
June Francesca


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