Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baby Naming Challenge! - Month Edition

This is the ultimate initial challenge! I do have to admit that I borrowed the idea from my friend over at nameddict.  I came across it at the perfect time since I was just about to post Tuesday's blog about month names. I found this challenge to be a genius idea that I hadn't seen before, and it is fun!  Imagine you have twelve babies to name and give it a try!

Using the three-letter abbreviations for each month, come up with the perfect baby name using those letters as a first/middle/middle combo. There's a Y and 3 U's that will make it a bit tricky!  I will post my names below. Feel free to share yours in the comment section or on Facebook!

My names:

JAN: Johanna Adelaide Nell
FEB: Frederick Evan Benedict
MAR: Marius Alexander Rafferty
APR: Amabel Penelope Rose
MAY: Matilda Alice Yvonne
JUN: Julius Ulrich Nathaniel
JUL: Josephine Uma Lenore
AUG: Alistair Ulysses George
SEP: Sebastian Evander Paul
OCT: Octavia Claire Tamsin
NOV: Nadia Olive Valentina
DEC: Dante Everett Cole

Johanna, Frederick, Marius, Amabel, Matilda, Julius, Josephine, Alistair, Sebastian, Octavia, Nadia & Dante. 6 girls and 6 boys!   What names would you choose?


Unknown said...

Jasolet Adaney Noelise
Jain Adam Nevarre

Fern Esmeline Brynmor
Ferdinand Ephriam Barthalomew

Maudlin Astria Rosavine
Magnus Adam Raleigh

Arliss Percy Reuben
Aluerle Petra Reverie

Marzanna Alvis Yocheved
Markle Amador Yale

Jessamine Una Leontine
Jeremiah Ulrick Lune

Apolline Ursala Greer
Adoni Uriel Grant

Salome Ellisi Perdita
Sylvester Ethan Puck

Olympe Cheza Tabrette
Orion Croix Thackery

Neely Ondreana Vale
Nehemiah Odran Vaughn

Drusilla Endrance Collette
Dixon Eric Clark

Anonymous said...

JAN: Jedidiah Aspen North
FEB: Fernando Eduardo Bruce
MAR: Marcus Alexander Renee
APR: August Percival Ryan
MAY: Maurice Anthony Yoshua
JUN: Jacobi Ulysses Neville
JUL: Johnathan Umberto Louis
AUG: Austin Ugo Grant
SEP: Sergio Edward Pia
OCT: Odd Clarence Thomas
NOV: Nehemiah Oscar Vincent
DEC: Declan Egret Callahan


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