Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tristan Samuel - (Birth Announcements!)

Birth announcements are always fun to read. This time, I wanted to find a group of names that did not have a single duplicate. Remember, these names come from real babies!! Which do you like best?

For fun, pretend you have triplets to name and you can only use one of the following first/middle combinations as they are. You can choose any gender combination or do all of them. What will you pick? Check out my choices at the bottom of the page. Be sure to share your sibsets in the comments below!

Adalynn Skye
Alivia Alessandra
Allison Kate
Angelina Luz
Aria Rose
Arielle Jade
Avery Marie
Avia Isabel
Brielle Immani
Eleanor Elizabeth
Evelyn Lilia
Gabriella Sophia
Gianna Lynn
Hannah Joy
Julianna Violet
Layla Michelle
Lilly Alice
Lucy Ruth
Mary Charlotte
Melody Raine
Michaela Joan
Miranda James
Natalie Ann
Olivia Louise
Paris Alexandria
Penelope Jane
Samantha Abigail
Taylor Grace
Valentina Pearl
Viviana Leigh

Alexander Donovan
Anthony Augustine
Beckett Ardell
Brennan William
Bryson Charles
Collin John
Connor Daniel
Christian Scott
Declan Jasper
Dominic Vincent
Edward Clyde
Ford Michael
Jack Robert
Jacob Kenneth
Jonathan Stewart
Jordan Ashton
Kingston Zachary
Kory Thomas
Kyler Russell
Landon Grant
Liam Matthew
Lucas Jameson
Maxwell Julius
Noah Christopher
Oliver Lawrence
Quinlan Jamie
Roman Elias
Ryan Patrick
Tristan Samuel
Wesley Joseph
Wyatt Raymond

My picks for triplets using the above names as they are:
G/G/G: Julianna Violet, Evelyn Lilia, Michaela Joan
G/G/B: Arielle Jade, Lilly Alice, Collin John
G/B/B: Layla Michelle, Brennan William, Wyatt Raymond
B/B/B: Tristan Samuel, Oliver Lawrence, Wesley Joseph

What would you choose?


Lilah McDaniel said...

G/G/G: Aria Rose, Hannah Joy, Natalie Ann

G/G/B: Layla Michelle, Allison Kate, Ryan Patrick

G/B/B: Paris Alexandria, Christian Scott, Ford Michael

B/B/B: Maxwell Julius, Roman Elias, Anthony Augustine

Emily Rose Cordova said...

G/G/G: Gabriella Sophia, Julianna Violet, Penelope Jane

G/G/B: Olivia Louise, Viviana Leigh

G/B/B: Layla Michelle, Liam Matthew, Lucas Jameson

B/B/B: Edward Clyde, Wesley Joseph, Bryson Charles

Arika Newton said...

G/G/G: Julianna Violet, Penelope Jane, Valentina Pearl

G/G/B: Lilly Alice, Mary Charlotte, Declan Jasper

G/B/B: Melody Raine, Beckett Ardell, Kingston Zachary

B/B/B: Oliver Lawrence, Lucas Jameson, Jonathan Stewart

Isabelle Alexander said...

G/G/G: Avery Marie, Melody Raine, Taylor Grace

G/G/B: Angelina Luz, Penelope Jane, Lucas Jameson

G/B/B: Mary Charlotte, Alexander Donovan, Jonathan Stewart

B/B/B: Noah Christopher, Liam Matthew, Ryan Patrick


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