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More Baby Names Inspired by the Animal Kingdom (Part Two)

Welcome to Part Two of our series that is focused on Baby Names Inspired by the Animal Kingdom! If you had a chance to view part one, you would remember that we mostly explored names related to bears, eagles, foxes, lions and wolves. Now we will look at names whose meanings relate to birds, insects, sheep, deer, and a handful of others.

Take a look at the list below and if you spot any favorites, share your thoughts in the comments!


Bertram "bright raven" from Germanic elements
Bran "raven" in Irish/Welsh
Branwen "beautiful raven" from Welsh
Corbin "raven" from French
Cormac "raven, son" from Irish Gaelic
Fechín "little raven" in Irish
Guntram "war raven" from Germanic elements
Korbin "raven" from Latin corvus
Raban "raven" from German
Rambert "bright raven" from Germanic elements
Ronne "raven" in Frisian

Lonán "little blackbird" from Irish Gaeic
Merle "blackbird"

Bibigul "nightingale" in Kazakh
Tinuviel "nightingale" in Sindarin

Callum "dove"
Jemima "dove" in Hebrew
Jonah "dove" in Hebrew
Paloma "dove, pigeon" in Spanish
Toiba "dove" in Yiddish
Usoa / Uxue "dove" in Basque

Lærke "lark" in Danish
Toygar "lark" in Turkish
Turgay "skylark" in Turkish

Celandine "swallow (bird)" in Greek
Circe "bird" from Greek
Faigel "bird" in Yiddish
Fulton "bird hill" in Old English
Seffora / Séphora "bird" from Hebrew
Shakuntala "bird" in Sanskrit
Tzipporah "bird" in Hebrew
Zipporah "bird" from Hebrew

Erdoğan "brave falcon" from Turkish
Falk "falcon" in German
Hayato "falcon person" from Japanese

Other birds:

Gallus / Gallo "rooster" in Latin
Gwalchmei "hawk, month of May" from Welsh
Halcyon "kingfisher (bird)" from Greek
Lagle "goose" in Estonian
Mayur "peacock" in Sanskrit
Shahin "peregrine falcon" in Persian
Shay / Shea / Séaghdha "hawk-like" in Irish
Sparrow from the name of the bird
Suzume "sparrow" in Japanese
Svana / Svanhildur / Swanhilde "swan battle" from Germanic elements
Tsubame "swallow (bird)" in Japanese
Tzufit "hummingbird" in Hebrew
Vasco "crow" in Basque
Yaen "ostrich" in Hebrew


Arachne "spider" in Greek
Chou "butterfly" in Japanese
Deborah "bee" in Hebrew
Erlea "a bee" in Basque
Flutura "butterfly" in Albanian
Hotaru "firefly" in Japanese
Kelebek "butterfuly" in Turkish
Madhukar "bee" in Sanskrit
Melissa "bee" in Greek
Parvana / Parvaneh "butterfly" in Persian
Vanessa which became a genus of butterfly
Vespasian / Vespasianus "wasp" from Roman

Other Animals:

Agnes "lamb" from Latin
Inez "lamb" from Latin
Janja "lamb" in Serbo-Croatian
Oanez "lamb" from Latin
Ovid "a sheep" from Latin
Rachel "ewe" from Hebrew
Úna "lamb" from Irish

Ayala "doe, gazelle," in Hebrew
Ayelet "gazelle" in Hebrew
Ceren "young gazelle" in Turkish
Dorcas "gazelle" in Greek
Rasha "young gazelle" in Arabic
Tabitha "gazelle" in Aramaic
Tzvi "gazelle" in Hebrew

Buck "buck, male deer" from Old English
Burçin "doe" in Turkish
Damhán "fawn" from Gaelic
Darby "deer town" from Old Norse
Elain "fawn" in Welsh
Enikő "cow" or "deer" in Hungarian
Fawn "fawn" in English
Hersh "deer" in Yiddish
Hjörtur "deer" in Icelandic
Jelena "deer, stag" from Slavic words
Maral "deer" in Armenian
Oisín "little deer" from Irish
Ophrah "fawn" in Hebrew
Oscar "deer friend" from Gaelic


Beverly "beaver stream" in Old English
Bradán "salmon" in Irish Gaelic
Brock "badger" from Old English
Buğra "baby camel" in Turkish
Cailean "young dog" in Gaelic
Caleb "dog"
Conan "little wolf" in Irish
Damaris "calf, heifer" from Greek
Drake "dragon" from Latin
Eachann "brown horse"
Éowyn "horse joy" from Literature: The Lord of the Rings
Epona "horse"
Everard "brave boar" from Germanic elements
Fintan "white bull" in Irish
Fishel "little fish" in Yiddish
Giles "young goat" from Greek
Harisha "lord of monkeys"
Hippolytos "freer of horses" from Greek
Huldah "weasel, mole" in Hebrew
Jael "ibex, mountain goat" in Hebrew
Jorunn "horse love" from Old Norse
Kapila "monkey" in Sanskrit
Katida "kittenish" in Esperanto
Kestrel from the name of the bird of prey
Khulan "wild donkey" in Mongolian
Linnet comes from the name of a bird
Lóegaire "calf herder" in Irish
Maha "oryx" in Arabic (a type of antelope)
Mina "fish" in Sanskrit
Nagendra "lord of snakes" in Sanskrit
Philip "friend of horses" from Greek
Quetzacoatl "feathered snake" in Nahuatl
Renard "fox" from French
Rim "white antelope" in Arabic
Rónán "little seal" in Irish
Rosalind "horse, soft/tender" from Germanic elements
Rosamund "horse protection"
Sable "black" - the name of a small black-furred mammal
Sequoyah "hog" in Cherokee
Tiger from the name of the large cat from Greek, from Iranian
Todd "fox" from Middle English
Ukaleq "hare" in Greenlandic
Usagi "rabbit" in Japanese
Wilbur "wild boar" in Middle English
Xanthippos "yellow horse" from Greek elements
Zarathurstra "golden camel" in Old Iranian

Which of the names on this list do you like the most? Would you ever consider an animal-related name?

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