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Baby Names Inspired by the Animal Kingdom (Part One)

Previously, I have made lists of bird names and nature names, but it just occurred to me that I did not have a list specifically for "animal" names.

Now, there are two different directions we can go when considering this category. The first direction explores broad animal names like wolf, fox, bear and more.  The second direction looks deeper into meanings and various translations or associations.

Here's the first:


Here are some of the most-used bird names:

Peregrine (falcon)

Then there are names that aren't as obviously associated with animals. Some of them have meanings or elements within them that refer to a specific animal, and when you break down their etymology, it makes sense. I categorized them below:


Adalbern "noble bear" from Germanic elements.
Alfbern "elf bear" from Germanic elements.
Arkadios "bear" from the Greek αρκτος (arktos).
Armel "bear prince" from Old Welsh name Arthfael
Arthur  "bear man" or "bear king" from Celtic elements.
Ásbjörn "god bear" from Old Norse. A cognate of Osborn.
Ber "bear" in Yiddish.
Berard  "bear" in Ancient Germanic, a variant of Bernard.
Berengar  "bear" and "spear" from Germanic elements
Bernard  "bear" and "brave, hardy" from Germanic elements
Björn "bear" in Old Norse
Dov "bear" in Hebrew
Garsea "bear" in Basque.
Gerben  "spear" and "bear" from Germanic elements
Hallbjörn "rock" and "bear" from Old Norse elements
Humbert  "warrior, bear cub" and "bright" from Germanic elements
Humphrey "warrior, bear cub" and "peace" from Germanic elements.
Math / Mathghamhain "bear" in Irish Gaelic.
Nanuq "polar bear" in Inuktitut.
Nita "bear" in Choctaw
Orson  "bear cub" from Norman French, and from the Latin ursus.
Osborn  "god" and "bear" from Old English elements
Otso "bear" in Finnish.
Swithin "strong bear cub" from the Old English name Swiþhun
Torbjörn  "Thor's bear" from the Old Norse name Þórbjörn
Urs "bear" from the German form of the Latin Ursus
Ursula "little bear" from the Latin word Ursa meaning "she-bear". 


Aetius "eagle" from Greek aetos
Andor "eagle" from Old Norse name Arnþórr
Ane / Anne "eagle" from Frisian name with Germanic "arn"
Antinanco "eagle of the sun" in Mapuche
Aquila "eagle" in Latin
Aras "eagle" in Lithuanian
Arend "eagle" in Dutch, a variant of Arnold
Ari "eagle" from an Old Norse byname
Arke "eagle" from Germanic elements
Arlie "eagle wood" in Old English
Arne "eagle" in Old Norse
Arnfinn "eagle, person from Finland" in Norwegian
Arnfried "eagle, peace" from Germanic elements
Arnold "eagle power" from Germanic elements
Arnulf "eagle, wolf" from Germanic elements
Arvid "eagle, tree" from Old Norse Arnviðr
Cuauhtémoc "falling eagle" in Nahuatl
Ezio "eagle" Italian form of Aetius
Haythem "young eagle" in  Arabic
Vega "swooping eagle" in Arabic


Fox "fox" from the English word
Renard / Reynard "fox" in French
Todd "fox" from Middle English


Areli "lion of God" in Hebrew
Ari "lion" in Hebrew
Arieh "lion" in Hebrew
Ariel "lion of God" in Hebrew
Asad "lion" in Arabic
Aslan "lion" in Turkish
Haidar "lion" in Arabic
Izem "lion" in Tamazight
Kfir "lion cub" in Hebrew
Lavi "lion" in Hebrew
Leander "lion man" in Greek
Lencho "lion" in Oromo
Leo "lion" in Latin
Leola "lion" in Latin
Leolin "lion" from Welsh Llywelyn
Leon "lion" from Greek, from Latin
Leona "lion" from Greek, from Latin
Leonard "brave lion" from Germanic elements
Léone "lion" French from Latin
Leonidas "lion" from Greek, from Latin
Léontine "lion" French from Latin
Leontios "lion" from Greek
Lev "lion" in Russian
Lionel  "lion" French from Latin
Llew "lion" in Welsh
Llewelyn "lion" in Welsh
Othniel "lion of God" in Hebrew
Pantaleon "all lion" in Greek
Sher "lion" in Persian
Simba "lion" in Swahili
Singh "lion" in Sanskrit
Tau "lion" in Tswana and Sotho
Usama "lion" in Arabic
Yeruslan "lion" in Turkic


Adolf "noble wolf" from Adalwolf in German
Agilulf "blade, wolf" from Germanic elements
Arnulf "eagle, wolf" from Germanic elements
Athaulf "father, wolf" from Germanic elements
Badulf "fight, wolf" from Germanic elements
Baugulf "bend or ring, wolf" from Germanic elements
Beowulf "bee, wolf" in Old English
Bleddyn "wolf" in Welsh
Boris "wolf"  in Turkic
Conan "little wolf" in Gaelic
Conor "wolf lover: in Gaelic
Conrí "wolf king" in Irish Gaelic
Cuán "little wolf" in Irish
Eadwulf "wealth, wolf" in Old English
Eardwulf "land, wolf" in Old English
Faolán "little wolf" in Gaelic
Gerulf "spear, wolf" from Germanic elements
Guadalupe "river of the wolf" in Arabic
Gurgen "wolf" in Middle Persian
Ivaylo "wolf" in Bulgarian
Loup "wolf" in French from Latin Lupus
Ludolf "famous, wolf" from Germanic Hludwolf
Lyall "wolf" from Old Norse Liulfr 
Lycurgus "wolf" and "word, deed" from Greek Lykourgos
Lycus "wolf" from Greek Lykos
Randolf "rim of a shield, wolf" from Germanic elements
Rudolf "fame, wolf" from Germanic Hrodulf
Sandalio "true wolf" from Gothic name Sandulf
Ulf "wolf" from Old Norse name Úlfr 
Ulric "wolf power" from Old English name Wulfric
Vakhtang "wolf-bodied" in Old Persian
Valko "wolf" in Bulgarian
Varg "wolf" in Old Norse
Velvel "wolf" in Yiddish
Vuk "wolf" in Serbian
Wolf - short from of Wolfgang, Wolfram and others containing the Germanic wulf
Wolfgang "wolf, path" from Germanic Elements
Wolfram "wolf, rave" from Germanic elements
Wulfnod "wolf, boldness" from Old English elements
Wulfsige "wolf, victory" from Old English elements
Ylva "she-wolf" from Old Norse úlfr 
Zeev "wolf" in Hebrew

Can you think of any other animal related names that I missed?  Which of these do you like enough to consider using?

Stay tuned for the next article that will feature even more animal names, including a wide variety of bird names, lambs, deer and more.

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