Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Can You Contract Longer Names to Form Shorter Ones?

Lately, I've been loving the name Thea. However, when I thought about longer, proper names, I just don't like Theodora or Dorothea enough to consider using those on the birth certificate with Thea as just a nickname. Some people like to skip that middle step and put nicknames or shortened forms directly on the paperwork.

It occurred to me that shortening or contracting names could work for those wishing to honor a relative. You love grandma Wilhelmina but don't wish to use her exact name, so you contract it and go with Willa. Easy, right?

Are there any names that you can think of that could be shortened to create interesting short forms? Maybe some that are a bit more unexpected than traditional? Sure, there's Thea from Theodora, and Tessa from Theresa. Are there any others that aren't as obvious? Just pick a name, drop a few letters and see what you're left with. Maybe it'll be the next big thing! Here are a few I came up with:

Adelaide > Ada, Adlai, Adele, Aida
Alexandra > Alexa, Andra, Alandra, Axara, Alara
Angelica > Anelia
Arianna > Aria
Aurora > Aura, Ara
Beatrix > Bix
Bianca > Bia
Brianna > Brina
Carolina > Cara, Carla, Calia, Calla
Cassandra > Candra, Casara
Cassidy > Cady
Cecilia > Celia
Dorothea > Dora, Dot
Eleanora > Elora
Elodie > Edie
Emilia > Elia
Esmeralda > Esme, Elda, Esra, Emerald
Estella > Ella, Esta
Evangeline > Evaline, Eline
Galilea > Gala
Georgiana > Gia, Gina, Gera, Giana
Giovanna > Gia, Gina, Gianna
Isabella > Isla, Isela
Juliet > Jet
Julietta > Jetta
Katherine > Karine
Leonora > Lena, Lora, Lea, Leona
Lillian > Lian
Lorraine > Laine
Louisa > Lia, Lisa
Marilyn > Maryn
Margaret > Maret
Margareta > Meta, Mara
Matilda > Mila
Meredith > Merith
Minerva > Mina, Meva
Miranda > Mira, Manda, Mandy, Mindy, Mina
Miriam > Mira
Natalia > Nala
Noelle > Nell
Penelope > Pelle, Penny, Poppy
Rebecca > Reba
Romilly > Romy
Rosalie > Rosie
Rosemary > Romy, Remy, Rory, Roma
Savannah > Sanna
Theodora > Thea, Thora, Theda, Thera, Tora, Téa
Theresa > Tess, Tessa, Téa, Tera, Tressa
Valentina > Vala, Valentia, Vena,
Veronica > Vera, Vona
Victoria > Vita, Vira, Via
Wilhelmina > Willa, Wilma, Wima

What other names can you come up with? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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