Saturday, February 2, 2019

Nora, Sophie and Tabitha: Middle Name Ideas for Baby Girls!

Are you expecting a baby girl soon? Congratulations! Have you found a name yet? If not, here are three lovely choices that you could consider: Nora, Sophie and Tabitha. I have paired each of these names with several middle names for ideas, just in case you're stumped. The middle names vary in popularity and style, but all flow nicely with the first names.

Nora can be a short form of either Honora or Eleanor, and related names. Honora comes from the Latin Honorious meaning "honour".  Eleanor comes from the Old French form of the Occitan name AliĆ©nor, related to the name Aenor. Nora herself dates back to 1880 in the US on record, and has been used well. She had a boosted run from 1914 to 1930, and again from 1947 to 1964. Recently, Nora has increased in popularity in 2004, entering the Top 100 in 2013. Today, Nora ranks at #28.

  • Nora Louise
  • Nora Caroline
  • Nora Jeanne
  • Nora Brienne
  • Nora May
  • Nora Willow
  • Nora Payton
  • Nora Elise
  • Nora Gabrielle
  • Nora Katherine
  • Nora Felicity
  • Nora Quinn
  • Nora Reagan
  • Nora Sabine
  • Nora Juliet
  • Nora Jane
  • Nora Susanne
  • Nora Romilly
  • Nora Violet
  • Nora Madeline
  • Nora Sophie
  • Nora Hadley

Sophie is the French form of Sophia, a Greek name meaning "wisdom". While it is no secret that Sophia has been very popular lately, even ranking at #1 in the country for 2011, 2012 and 2013, Sophie has been somewhat less popular. Both names date back in the US to 1880, and have enjoyed similar usage up until Sophie surged ahead from 1913 to 1925. After that, both remained common until Sophia began her popularity run starting in the 1980s. Sophie followed suit in the 2000s, but hasn't ranked nearly as high as Sophia. In 2017, Sophia was #5 and Sophie was #106.

  • Sophie Alexandra
  • Sophie Louise
  • Sophie Caroline
  • Sophie Matilda
  • Sophie Grace
  • Sophie Genevieve
  • Sophie Juliet
  • Sophie Amara
  • Sophie Clementine
  • Sophie Amelia
  • Sophie Iris
  • Sophie Olivia
  • Sophie Wren
  • Sophie Pearl
  • Sophie Quinn
  • Sophie Addison
  • Sophie Jane
  • Sophie Victoria
  • Sophie Reese

Tabitha is an Aramaic name meaning "gazelle". It is translated into Greek as the name Dorcas. As a name, Tabitha dates back in the US to 1880, but it was very rare until it suddenly went from 34 births in 1965 to 327 births in 1966. The boost can be explained by the television show "Bewitched" airing in 1966 with a character named Tabitha. It continued to have popularity through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s before declining a bit starting in 2000. As of 2017, it left the Top 1000, but it is prime to be used as a familiar but uncommon choice today.

  • Tabitha Eve
  • Tabitha Marie
  • Tabitha June
  • Tabitha Ivy
  • Tabitha Kate
  • Tabitha Brynn
  • Tabitha Eloise
  • Tabitha Pearl
  • Tabitha Ottilie
  • Tabitha Willow
  • Tabitha Maeve
  • Tabitha Shay
  • Tabitha Avery
  • Tabitha Faye
  • Tabitha Madison
  • Tabitha Claire
  • Tabitha Charlotte
  • Tabitha Noelle
  • Tabitha May

Which of these combinations do you like? Can you list some more?

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