Thursday, July 31, 2014

Copelynn Eleanor - (Birth Announcements!)

These real baby names were taken from birth announcements listed on the website of a small California hospital from earlier this year! I found this compilation to be quite diverse; from the more proper names like Abigail Virginia and Ronald Richard to the more fun and creative names like Tymberlyn and Bodee.  What do you think of this list? Which is your favorite?


Abigail Virginia
Addyson Marie
Allison Cena
Angelic Grace Milagros
Aspen Lynn
Arielle Alicia
Aubrey Skylar
Braelynn Rene'
Brynn Rose
Chloe Lane
Copelynn Eleanor
Eden Beverly
Ella Marie
Emelia Ava
Emmalynne MacKensie
Evangeline Marie
Harper Joan
Heidi Rose
Isabella Adelina
Jewell Janet Kathlynn
Katelynn Michelle Ann
Kelcie Louise
Makayla Lynn
Maryann Josephine
Paylin Rae
Saige Kimberlee
Sophie Ann Elyse
Tymberlyn Ellie Jean

Aeden Ivan
Anthony Rolla
Arturo Joseph
Austin Paul David
Bodee Wilson
Braydon Charles
Caeden Izaak
Chance Williams-Ray
Chester Landon Lee
David Justus
Dillon Thomas
Hunter Aiden
Hunter Ryan
Ian Martin
Isaac William
Kade Scott
Jace Wayne
John Mathew
Mason Lee
Matthew Isaac
Micah James
Oliver Kayden
Porter James
Riley Scott
Ronald Richard
Rowland Edward Daniel
Samuel Anthony
Victor Alejandro
William Lee

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