Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lily Raphaella - (Birth Announcements!)

Birth announcements can be even more telling of what names are actually being used than even the most official lists of statistics and data. The US Top 1000 chart may show the most popular names, one spelling of that name at at time, but it does not make any mention of middle names. I like to see name combinations: firsts and middles put together.

Like I mentioned in last month's birth announcement list, the middle names that many people seem to use are rather common or "filler". I'd like to do another quick tally of the repeated middle names on today's list:

Ann: 2
Elizabeth: 3
Louise: 2
Lynn: 2
Marie: 3
Rose: 8

Did you see all those Roses? It seems to be a very popular choice! And then there's the adorable and old-fashioned middles like Sue, Joan, and Mae. Which of the following names do you like best?

Aerabella Lee
Adley Ann
Anastasia Rose
Aniyah Rose
Aria Rose
Aubrey Virginia
Brynn Renee
Carly Rae
Catherin Marceline
Elaina Sue
Emily Joan
Evolet Arletha Ann
Gracelyn Rose
Harley Daidre
Hayden Elizabeth
Haylee Rose
Karly Mae
Katelyn Marie
Lanah Reyn
Leah Marie
Lillyann Faith
Lilyanna Christine
Lily Raphaella
Lyla Maelee
Madelynn Marie
Maia Lillian
Marissa Nicole
Mayliana Brielle
Natalie Rose
Olivia Rose
Paislee Lane
Penelope Louise
Rachel Lilly
Rori Rayne
Roslyn Louise
Sarah Elizabeth
Skylar Lynn
Sofia Elizabeth
Summer Taylor
Taylor Rose
Zoe Lynn
Zophiah Aurora

For the boys, I was surprised to see so many "proper old man" type names in the middle spot: Edsel, Edward, Richard, Gerald, Kenneth, Harold, John, and so on. There are actually 3 Geralds on the list! What do you think of the boy names? Like any?

Andrew Harrison
Anthony Chase
Ayden Edsel
Caiden Lee
Declan Edward
Denim Richard
Eli Matthew
Ethan Riley
Gadsden Lee
Gage Gerald
Gavin James
Gerald Alexander
Hayden Allen
Hendrix John
Hnter Andrew
Isaac Jay
Jace Kenneth
Kyloe Gary David
Jameson Jake
Landon Edward
Landon Scott
Lane Andrew
Lane Harold
Lincoln Gerald
Logan Hunter
Marcus Mathias
Merritt John
Miles River
Owen Lucas
Remington Levi
Sawyer Edward
Thomas Hugh
Warryn Paul
William Patrick
Wyatt Arthur James

Ezra John & Elsa Diann

What do you think of matchy names for twins? Are Ezra and Elsa a little too similar or do they work well? What do you think? Tell me your favorites by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Facebook page! 

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