Thursday, October 23, 2014

Austin Ford - (Birth Announcements!)

This month's set of birth announcements started out somewhat unusual as I began building the list, and as I continued, the names got a bit more traditional.  However, they are all mixed together because of being placed alphabetically.  Once again, the middle name choices seem to be very common or old-fashioned for most of the babies below. There are a few interesting exceptions like Yaamach and Kapri.

I wonder why so many parents choose "safe" middle name options. I feel like the middle name, since it is mostly tucked away, provides the perfect opportunity to use guilty pleasure names or the highly unusual.  Instead, there are more unusual first names being used such as Alithia, Zyanya, and Kipper. What thoughts spring to your mind as you browse through the following list?:


Adele Grace
Alithia Brooke
Aliza Bethany
Allison Marie
Amy Rose Lei
Annabelle Rose
Ara Fae
Ariauna Danielle Linn
Athena Jene Leann Irene
Aubrey Faith
Aurora Kapri
Belle Madelyn
Carissa Faith
Eleanora Yaamach
Emma Rose
Grace Catherine
Hailee Mae
Hannah Marie
Hazel Jane
Isla Rose
Katy Rae
Kaylyn Elizabeth
Kensi Jean
Kylie Adele
Laney Rose
Laryssa Joyce
Lorelei Mae
Madelyn Grace
Makenna Lynn
Marleigh Ann
McKynlee Jean Carolynn
Megan Ann
Paisley May
Presley Ann
River Rae
Roselyn Geraldine
Sydney Joy
Vivian Fae
Willow Annette
Zyanya Emma-Rose

Aiden Daniel
Alexander James
Austin Ford
Brayden Alexander
Carl Andrew-Leon
Carlos Alberto
Chase Alexander
Bryce Allen
Collin Anderson
Colten Lucas
Connor John
Declan Joseph
Dominic Elijah
Eithyn Ryen
Eligh Ivan
Evan Samuel
Gerald Fred
Gunner Joseph
Jayden James
Jonathon Davidd
Joseph Brandon
Josue Saul
Kade Samuel
Kingston Parker
Kipper Hayes
Kobe Lee Lucas
Lachlan Clyde
Mason Lynn
Nehimiah Alexander
Rylan James
Shelton Wayne
Spencer Reid
Tanner Joseph
Tanner Lee
Terry Archer
Trevor Ellerson Daniel
Tyler Logan
Wyatt Steven
Zackery Allan

Which of these names do you like most? least?

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