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Quincy was hand-chosen from our article that featured The Very Best Q Names for Boys and Girls. We'll take a closer look at it now.

Quincy is a surname that came from the place name Cuinchy which is a village in France. Cuinchy was originally derived from the Ancient Roman praenomen, or given name, Quintus which means "fifth" in Latin. Typically, Quintus was only given to the fifth born son but this isn't a necessary requirement for a modern boy named Quincy.

Perhaps the most famous bearer of this name is the sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, who happened to be born in the town Quincy, Massachusetts which was named after his mother's grandfather Colonel John Quincy.

This interesting, quirky name has been in regular usage since name records were first kept in 1880 in the US. It was never all that popular until the mid 1970s. At its peak, Quincy ranked at #273 in 1977 with a total of 717 male births. Usage has now fallen to a steady 400-500 births per year. In 2014, 422 boys were named Quincy for a popularity rank of #622.

While I am featuring this name for boys, it has also been regularly used for girls since about 1913. Quincy has never ranked within the Top 1000 for girls, but it is up to #1468 in 2014 with 152 female births. It is gaining more and more usage for girls and could potentially be considered unisex and then surpass the boys, especially with the popularity of the similar name Quinn for girls these days.

Since we're focusing on the male Quincy for now, here are some ideas for sibling names and middle names:

Sibling Name Ideas:
Sisters: Charlotte, Darby, Fallon, Meghan, Olivia, Piper, Riley
Brothers: Dashiell, Finnegan, Kelvin, Neil, Owen, Sawyer, Tobias

Middle Name Ideas:
Quincy Eamon
Quincy Donovan
Quincy Jude
Quincy Logan
Quincy Samuel

As a Middle Name:
Eli Quincy
Isaac Quincy
Levi Quincy
Malcolm Quincy
Sean Quincy

What do you think of Quincy? What middle name would you pair with it?

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