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How Well Did My Sibsets Match from My "Statehood Initial Challenge" Series? [Part Two of Two]

Finally, after three and a half years, the long-running Statehood Initial Challenge series has finished! In this series, I took the two-letter abbreviations of each state in the USA, and challenged you to use those two letters to name a boy and a girl. I played right along with you. After we covered 25 states, I listed all the sets of twins that I named throughout those two years of posts and found that I had repeated several of the names multiple times. I tried to avoid repeats for the 2nd half of the challenge, so let's see how I did.

I posted these states in the order in which they gained official statehood, which means Delaware was first, Pennsylvania came next, then New Jersey and so on until we finally reached the 50th state of Hawaii.  Here's the first 25, which I previously posted here:

1. DE -  Dante Evander & Dahlia Emmeline
2. PA -  Pierce Averill & Posey Augusta
3. NJ -  Nash Julian & Nova Jessamine
4. GA - Gregor August & Gesine Abigail
5. CT - Calvin Thomas & Cora Tamsin
6. MA - Maximus Alexander & Madeline Alice
7. MD - Malcolm David & Minerva Dawn
8. SC  - Stetson Cole & Sable Cressida
9. NH - Nicolai Harris & Nova Helene
10. VA - Vadden Alexis & Vienne Augusta
11. NY - Nathaniel York & Natasha Yve
12. NC - Noble Carlisle & Nova Caroline
13. RI - Rafferty Iwan & Rowan Isabelle
14. VT - Valor Thaddeus & Vella Temperance
15. KY - Killian Yannick & Kensington Yve
16. TN - Tristram Noel & Tabitha Nell
17. OH - Oscar Hadrian & Olive Hettienne
18. LA - Leopold August & Lavinia Aveline
19. IN - Isadore Noel & Isla Natalie
20. MS - Malcolm Silas & Mabel Sabrina
21. IL - Irving Lawrence & Ida Laurel
22. AL - Alexander Lincoln & Augusta Lily
23. ME - Marlon Elliott & Mavis Eleanor
24. MO - Miles Oliver & Maisie Octavia
25. AR - Asher Ramsey & Avara Raine

The first half of the challenge was spread out over 2 years and I chose them spontaneously with each post. I didn't go back to see what other names I had used previously. I simply went with what I liked at the time. As a result, there were a few repeats.

This time around, I kept track of everything and triple-checked that I had not already used a name before choosing it. There should be zero repeats in the second half.  Let's take a look at the second half of the challenge:

26. MI - Milo Indigo & Morganna Ivy
27. FL - Finnegan Louis & Fiona Liesel
28. TX - Tobias Xavier & Thora Xanthippe
29. IA - Ivander Ash & Iliana Apple
30. WI - Wim Iverson & Wren Isadora 
31. CA - Cassander Aloysius & Cordelia Avienne
32. MN - Murphy Nolan & Maia Nicolette
33. OR - Odin Richard & Ophelia Ruby
34. KS - Kellan Scott & Kaia Sylvie
35. WV - Willoughby Vance & Wren Victoria
36. NV - Ned Vincent & Nadine Verity
37. NE - Neo Edmund & Nerissa Edith
38. CO - Caius Octavian & Camilla Olivine
39. ND - Norman Daniel & Naomi Diana
40. SD - Sebastian Dominic & Seraphina Delaney
41. MT - Martin Timothy & Mildred Theodora
42. WA - Warren Arlo & Willow Amelia
43. ID -  Ian Darius & India Darling
44. WY - Ward Yvander & Winslet Yvonne
45. UT - Ulysses Theodore & Ulyana Terese
46. OK - Otis Kelvin & Opal Kathleen
47. NM - November Mason & Nyx Magnolia
48. AZ - Ambrose Zachariah & Amara Zooey
49. AK - Atlas Korbin & Audrey Kate
50. HI -  Heath Idris & Hermione Iris

Since certain letters were used more often, it became increasingly difficult to find names that I actually like. The letter N is not my favorite letter and it forced me to choose names that I wouldn't normally choose, like Norman, Ned, Nadine and Naomi. 

The letter I was also challenging to find attractive options. While I did not repeat anything, I did end up with Ivy, Irving, Iverson and Ivander which all sound similar.  I did toss in an Yvander, but since the spelling is different, I didn't count it as being the exact same name as the previously used Ivander.

In the first half of the challenge, I noted that there were several unusual names like Hettienne, Gesine, Vadden, Averill, Cressida, Vella and Avara.  In the second half, I went with bold choices like Xanthippe, Apple, Wim, Willoughby, Nerissa, Caius, Darling, Winslet, November, Nyx, and Hermione. 

But I also went for some old-fashioned names too. In the first half, we saw Irving, Gregor, Marlon, Mavis, Malcolm, Mabel, Lawrence, Ida and Laurel. In the final set of names, I opted for some Louis, Aloysius, Richard, Edmund, Edith, Mildred, Ward, Ulysses, Opal, and Ambrose.

Don't forget the more classic names! Previously I had used things like Oliver, Alexander, Thomas, Lily, Caroline, Abigail and Isabelle. The second time around, I added Scott, Victoria, Vincent, Daniel, Timothy, Theodore, and Kathleen.

Overall, this was a very fun challenge to continuously be apart of week after week. I can't believe it lasted three and a half years but here we are finally at the end of it! What do you think of my many choices? Do any of them stand out as absolute favorites? Are there any that you cannot stand? Share your thoughts in the comments and thanks for following!

Did you play along with this series? If not, we always have name games like this on our Instagram page!

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