Sunday, December 29, 2013

From Juliet to Julius: The Popularity of 5 Jul- Names

In the naming world, sometimes you will find names that all begin with the same few letters. This can sometimes make it difficult to choose between them. For example, I asked which of these Jul- names you would sooner use and the results are in!

The options include two boys names: the popular Julian and the strong, Roman Julius. For girls, I limited it to sweet Julia, romantic Juliet and exotic Juliana.

Every single one of these names comes from the same root. They come from the Roman family name ioulos which is from the Greek ιουλος meaning "downy-bearded" which implies youthfulness. The patriarch name is Iulius from which Julius was born. Following Julius's lead came Iulia and Iulianus.

The Ancient Roman Iulia inspired many of the feminine names including Julia, Julitta, Yuliya, Jools, Juliet, Juliette, Julie, Juliska, Giulia, Giulietta, Julinha, and Yulia. Names like  Juliana, Julijana, Liana, Leanna, Gillian, Jill, and Uliana came from the Ancient Roman Iuliana which came from the male Iulianus.

The boy names all sprang from Iulianus and include favorites such as Julian, Julius, Jules and Julio. There's also the Italian Giuliano and Giulio, the Russian Yulian, Yuliy and Yuli, the rare English name Jolyon, the Polish Juliusz and Julek, and any other variant or diminutive you can think of!

Here is how the names ranked in popularity on The Art of Naming's poll:
  1. Juliet  29 Votes (38%)
  2. Julian  24 Votes (32%)
  3. Juliana 11 Votes (14%)
  4. Julia    8 Votes (10%)
  5. Julius   3 Votes (4%)
In the U.S. these names are all ranked within the Top 1000 names. Here is how they measured up in 2012:
  • Julian #53 with 7,336 births
  • Julia #65 with 3,844 births
  • Juliana #147 with 2,201 births
  • Juliet #253 with 1,267 births
  • Julius #331 with 940 births
Which of these Jul- names is your favorite? I personally love Juliet the most! I would also use Julius over Julian for a boy. What do you think?

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