Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby Naming Challenge!

This is essentially a game. Just for fun, try to come up with some amazing names for the following four hypothetical children:

Boy/Girl Twins:
Girl's first name starts with either A, C, E, or G.
Girl's middle name is either a botanical name or a quirky and unusual name.

Boy's first name starts with either B, D, F or H.
Boy's middle name is either an old-fashioned, vintage name or a literary name.

Her first name starts with either I, K, M, or O.
Her middle name is either an ancient name or something virtuous.

His first name starts with either J, L, N, or P.
His middle name is either an occupational surname or a colonial choice.

Feel free to post your names in the comment section below, on our Facebook page or just smile about them to yourself. :)

My names:
Alice Magnolia
Damian Barnaby
Isla Melisent
Jack Thaddeus

Have fun! Thanks for playing!


Jessie said...

Amelia Valentine
Frederick Walter
Madeline Grace
Nathaniel Parker

Erica said...

Caroline Daisy
Donovan Caspar
Ophelia Joy
Jackson Cyrus

Lilah said...

Eveline Dahlia, Bennett Silas, Imogen Lavinia, Lucian Gage

Unknown said...

Genevee Persimmon
Berlioz Eledore

Melfina Hopestill
Lune Revere

CaitieO said...

Edith Eulalie
Hector George
Maude Felicity
Lewis Miles

Audrey Crampton said...

Ellen Ivy
Henry Arthur
Irene Perpetua
James Benedict


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