Thursday, August 28, 2014

Caius Michael - (Birth Announcements!)

In this set of birth announcements from a hospital in Pennsylvania, I found myself more fascinated by all the middle names than anything. Count with me.

Ann/Anne: 5
Marie: 4
Jane/Jayne: 2
Noel/Noelle: 2
Rayne: 2
Rose: 4

Alan/Allan: 3
Andrew: 3
James: 3
Johnathan/Jonathan: 2
Joseph/Joesph: 3
Michael: 4

I started to think about middle names and how often a more common or "filler" name is chosen. I wish there was an official SSA-style list for just middle names so we could calculate the most popular ones. However, it would make a difference if these were family names or used for sentimental reasons as opposed to just filling a space.

Beyond just finding repeating middle names, so many of these are classic or traditional names. I do like seeing the more unique options like Patience and Raven, Axel and Dash. However, I used Alexander for my own son's middle name and Sophia for my daughter so I understand the thought process. What are your kids' middle names?

Adalynn Ann
Alaina Anne
Annabelle Rose
Arianna Gail
Ariya Noel
Aurora Kapri
Avary Noelle
Averi Ann
Belle Madelyn
Brogan Laural
Cara-Ann Nichole
Delainey Jayne
Ella Jane
Emily Rose
Esmae Renee
Faith Sophia
Harper Marie
Isabelle Loren
Isla Rose
Kailey Ann Marie
Kaylee Marie
Lillian Mae
Lucy Arlene
Lyla Dawn
Madison Rayne
Maelyn Elizabeth
Makayla Jo
Morgan Rose
Paisley Lynn
Raelyn Grace
Rosie Patience
Ryleigh Marie
Taylor Kay
Taylor Morgan
Sydney Joy
Wynter Raven
Zoey Rayne

Alex Johnathan
Anthony Alan
Arlo Jonathan
Axile Joseph
Blake Paul
Blaze Steven Lee
Braxton Joesph
Brayden Andrew
Caius Michael
Camden Jacob
Carter Ryan
Chase Matthew
Chester Wayne
Christopher Xavier
Colby Alan
Cole Stephen
Colten Lucas
Cooper Axel
Ethan Michael
Eugene Richard
Grant Joseph
Jack Andrew
Jacob Adam
Jake Harold Arthur
Jeremiah Ray
Joseph Michael
Kaden Andrew
Lennon Dash
Lincoln Grant
Logan Patrick
Lucas Allan
Lukka Tomilliam
Mark Edward
Neko Alexander
Nolan Brady
Nolan Robert
Owen James
Parker James
Parker Mitchell
Riley Michael
Samuel Anthony
Seth James
Watson Gabriel
Wyatt Scott

Christopher & Samuel
Richard & Ryan

What do you think of this list? Did any of these names stand out to you? Could you pick a favorite?


samishoward said...

I like the name September for a girl! I would consider naming my daughter that in future. I LOVE your idea for October and Toby. Great name for a boy with the perfect nickname! I'm suprised July isn't more popular; that's a nice name as well.

samishoward said...

Love the name Cillian! I named one of the characters in my novel that, but I'd been mispronouncing it as Sill-ian with a soft C.


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