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Get To Know!: Meagan from TulipByAnyName

Welcome to my new segment "Get To Know!"  Recently, I've had the opportunity to meet a few fellow name bloggers and I decided it'd be lovely to let you get to know them too. The naming community is such a wonderful place! If you truly love names, it never hurts to follow more bloggers to get your daily name fix. 

Today, I had the honor of interviewing Meagan from TulipByAnyName.  She is most known for her work discussing interesting names on her YouTube channel. She is also one of the six Name Sisters who run a great YouTube channel collectively. 

Beyond videos, Meagan also has a successful blog and Instagram account that revolves around names. Most recently, she's become a new contributor to Nameberry's Berry Juice Blog, too! She is involved in lots of exciting name-related projects! Let's take a moment to learn more about her own personal name tastes and experiences with names:

1. What are your first and middle names?
My name is Meagan Elizabeth.

2. Do you like them or would you ever want to change them?
I really like my name.  It's not what I would have picked for myself, but I can't imagine being called anything else. I feel very connected to my middle name, Elizabeth.  It's one of my favorite names and a name that I would consider using.

3. If you had to change your name, what would you choose?
I love this question! My taste in names and my style tends to be a bit old-fashioned.  I think the name Rose would suit me.  I also really love the name Cordelia, so I'd rename myself Rose Cordelia.

4. When did you first become interested in names?
My first name memory was around age 3 or 4 when I renamed my cabbage patch doll.  He came with an adoption certificate and the name Otto, but I renamed him Murphy.  I have no idea where I got the name Murphy from!  All throughout elementary school I was naming and renaming dolls, stuffed animals, and inanimate objects.  As a teenager my interest in names progressed to looking up name meanings and making endless name lists.

5. What were some of the first names you remember loving? Do you still like them today?
My favorite girls names growing up were Samantha, Elizabeth, Stacey, Caroline, Hope, and Emmeline.  Stacey is the only one I've fallen out of love with.  I still love and would consider using Emmeline and Elizabeth.

For boys I loved Jeffrey, Patrick, Benjamin, Brayden, Dylan, Connor, Joshua, and James.  I think they're all nice names. I can't see myself using Jeffrey or Brayden.  I still really love Benjamin and James.

6. Tell us about your presence in the naming community. Where are your sites and what do you try to accomplish with them?
A few years ago I realized there were other name enthusiasts on the web. I started connecting with others through forums, which evolved into creating a YouTube channel about names. I really enjoy making videos and of course talking about names!  I created a blog as an extension of my YouTube channel, as well as an Instagram account @tulipbyanyname.  I truly enjoy learning about names and sharing my passion with others. 

7. What is your favorite girl name in the Top 100? Top 1000?
Top 100 -  Lillian #26
Top 1000 - Matilda #645

8. What is your favorite boy name in the Top 100? Top 1000?
Top 100 - Luke #34
Top 1000 - Bennett #194

9. What is your favorite first and middle combo for a girl?
Emmeline Elizabeth - nickname "Emmie". I've loved Emmeline since I was 12, and Elizabeth is a family name.

10. What is your favorite first and middle combo for a boy?
Lucas Gabriel - I'd call him Luke.

11. What are your favorite obscure/guilty pleasure names?
I've really loved the name Lavender lately! I think it would make a fun, unexpected middle name.  I also enjoy Avonlea, Everard, Frost, Wednesday, Winslet, Wolfram, and Forest. I'm not the bravest namer, but I do think these are the kind of names that would make great middle names!

12. If you had to name twins right now, what would you choose?
If it were solely up to me -
Girl/Girl - Emmeline Elizabeth & Lydia Genevieve
Girl/Boy - Lillian Victoria & Everett Reid
Boy/Boy - Lucas Gabriel & Oliver Jude

13. Are there any names or naming trends that you dislike?
I'm not too fond of creative spellings.  My name isn't spelled the most common way, so I don't mind a subtle change, I just don't like when a name is unrecognizable.  Place names with creative spellings are one of my naming pet peeves.

14. Who is your favorite name blogger?
Tough question! If I had to pick, I really admire Abby Sandel (Appellation Mountain). She puts so much research, thought, and heart into her articles.

15. What advice would you give to expecting parents who are looking for a name?
I think the most important thing is to pick a name YOU love! Many people will have an opinion, but ultimately it's your choice.  I think it's helpful to say the name out loud with your surname.  Also, reflect on if the name is one you or your partner would have liked to have been named.  There are so many names I adore, but wouldn't actually want to have been named.  My one big piece of advice comes back to following your heart and using a name you love!

I hope you enjoyed this interview and that you'll take a look at Meagan's sites! 

You can check out my interview over on Meagan's site here.  

Thanks for reading!


Meagan said...

Thanks, Kara! I loved interviewing & being interviewed by you! <3

Kara Cavazos said...

You're welcome! And thank you!


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