Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baby Naming Challenge - Celestial Edition

To conclude this starry, starry couple of weeks we've had, I propose a little baby naming challenge. It is a simple initial related game that should bring about a good variety of name options and fun combinations. Take a look at the three sibling sets below and decide for yourself which names you'd choose. I added my choices at the bottom. Have fun!

Set of Twins: STAR
Boy's initials are ST
Girl's initials are AR
What are their names?

Set of Twins: MOON
Girl's initials are MO
Girl's initials are ON
What are their names?

Set of Triplets: PLANET
Boy's initials are PL
Boy's initials are AN
Girl's initials are ET
What are their names?

My choices:

Set 1: Sebastian Theodore & Aveline Ramona
Set 2: Mabel Olivia & Odette Nova
Set 3: Philip Lucas, Arthur Nathaniel & Ella Tamsin

Which names would you go with? Share your choices in the comment section or join the chatter on Facebook!
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