Thursday, February 19, 2015


Today's featured name comes from this week's list of Presidential Baby Names.  It is one of the greatest names that belonged to one of the greatest presidents: Theodore.

The name Theodore comes from the Greek name Θεοδωρος (Theodoros) meaning "gift of god".

In the past, this name has belonged to several saints. There was Theodore of Amasea, a soldier from 4th-century Greece; Theodore of Tarsus, the 7th century archbishop of Canterbury; and a 9th century Byzantine monk named Theodore the Studite. There have also been three Tsars of Russia known as Fyodor, the Russian form of Theodore; and of course our American President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919).

As a name, Theodore was quite common in Greece because of the aforementioned saints. Christians in particular have been drawn to Theodore because of the name's appealing meaning. However, it was very rare in Britain before the 19th century.  In recent years, it's ranked in England/Wales at #97.

Here in the US, Theodore has always ranked on the Top 1000 chart. In fact, it was in the Top 100 names every year from 1880-1944. It has since then remained in or around the Top 300, currently ranking at #170 for 2013.  Theodore was also given to girls from 1901-1988.

Other international forms of Theodore include Theodoros, Theodorus, Teodor, Todor, Tudor, Toshe, Teo, Theo, Feodor, Fedor and Fedir.  Common nicknames include Theo, Ted and Teddy.

What do you think of Theodore? Which nickname is your favorite?  Here are some ideas for sibling names and middle names:

Sibling Name Ideas:
Sisters: Alexandra, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Josephine, Lillian, Natalie, Olivia
Brothers: Alexander, Benjamin, Henry, Nathaniel, Oliver, Sebastian, William

Middle Name Ideas:
Theodore Adam
Theodore Grant
Theodore Hayes
Theodore Rowan
Theodore Zachary

As a Middle Name:
Asa Theodore
Dominic Theodore
Elliot Theodore
Henry Theodore
Silas Theodore

Know someone with this name? Share your thoughts about Theodore in the comments below!


Emily Bayliss said...

My daughter is Valentina Honor Loren, she has an older sister Francesca Serenity Rose and we are now expecting our 3rd baby. Anastasia or Roman are the names we have picked out!

Kara | The Art of Naming said...

I love your style! Roman is great, but I really love the beauty of Valentina, Francesca and Anastasia together. Congrats on #3!!!


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