Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Very Best C Names for Boys and Girls

So you're expecting a baby soon. Congratulations! What name will you choose?

 If you're still a bit stumped in that regard, perhaps you'll enjoy this simplified list of ideas.

In this series of posts, I cut out a lot of the work for you. I'm saving you from hours of browsing through endless lists of thousands of baby names.

Here you'll find fifty of the best names that start with the letter C. That's 25 per gender and there's a little bit of something for everyone.

These mostly follow American ideals but they can also work abroad.

As a fan of C names, you'll surely find one that you love. Go on, take a look:

  1. Cadence                       
  2. Caitlin
  3. Calista
  4. Calliope
  5. Camille
  6. Cara
  7. Caroline
  8. Cassandra
  9. Catherine
  10. Cecelia
  11. Celeste
  12. Celine
  13. Charlotte
  14. Cheyenne
  15. Christina
  16. Claire
  17. Claudia
  18. Clementine
  19. Colette
  20. Constance
  21. Cordelia
  22. Corinne
  23. Cosette
  24. Courtney
  25. Cynthia
  1. Caesar
  2. Caius
  3. Caleb
  4. Calvin
  5. Cameron
  6. Carlton
  7. Casper
  8. Caspian
  9. Chandler
  10. Charles
  11. Chase
  12. Chester
  13. Christopher
  14. Cillian
  15. Clark
  16. Clayton
  17. Clint
  18. Collin
  19. Colton
  20. Connor
  21. Conrad
  22. Constantine
  23. Cooper
  24. Cosimo
  25. Cyrus
Isn't it nice to have the best of the best laid out before you? So, which one have you chosen?  If you're still not entirely sure, maybe C isn't the letter for you.  Remember, there are 25 other letters to explore and I'm covering all of them.

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