Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boy Name of the Week: Chandler

The Boy Name of the Week is one of my favorite occupational names and I chose it in honor of yesterday's name list. It is derived from an Old French name that took form as a Middle English occupational name meaning "candlestick maker" or "candle seller."  Have you guessed? Yes, its Chandler. A chandler was the head of the chandlery in medieval households, responsible for wax, candles, and soap.

There are some parents who will give this name to their daughter but to me, this is an all-boy name. The most popular example in recent memory is funny-man Chandler Bing on the TV show Friends which aired from 1994-2004.

Anyway, despite fitting right in with the "-er" trend and the occupational name trend, Chandler has lost its popularity since 2004. In fact, the most usage this name has seen was indeed during the airing of that show. It more than doubled between 1994 and 1995, (from 704 births to 1,856). Its highest peak occurred in 1999 with 2,394 births and a ranking of #151.

But lets back up a bit. Chandler first appeared on American baby boys in 1900 with 5 births. It took 62 years for the name to hit the girl market with 10 female births in 1962. Yet, before Friends even aired, the girl-Chandlers increased from 90 births in 1991 to 437 births in 1992 with its highest peak of 744 births occurring in 1995.

Jumping ahead, there were 590 Boy-Chandlers born in 2012 (ranking at #455) and 160 Girl-Chandlers (#1415). The females did land on the US Top 1000 chart from 1992-2002 but not at any other time. Boys have ranked from 1969-1972 and 1982-Present.

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Whew! Lots of stats there but the bottom-line is: I think it is almost time for this name to be fresh again. Yes, Friends is viewed as an iconic staple of modern television and it is still dominating rereun-land, (it feels like it can be seen on any channel at any time,) but it is also old news. Matthew Perry has moved on and so should we as name-choosers.

What do you think of this name and do you prefer it on a boy or a girl?  Here are some ideas for sibling names and middle names:

Sibling Name Ideas:
Sisters: Annika, Delaney, Jessica, Matilda, Savannah, Willow
Brothers: Carter, Ethan, Harrison, Landon, Lincoln, Taylor,

Middle Name Ideas (Boy): 
Chandler Michael
Chandler Ellis
Chandler Adrian
Chandler Scott

Middle Name Ideas (Girl):
Chandler Isabelle
Chandler Lillian
Chandler Elise
Chandler Sophia

Names To Avoid for Siblings and Middle Names:
Joesph / Joey

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Anonymous said...

My son's name is chandler. He was born in 2002. His middle name is Remington. His sisters name is Charlotte olivia. Born 2012. I am not pregnant again and having a hard time choosing another name.


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