Friday, May 15, 2015

Wyatt Arthur - (Birth Announcements!)

Birth announcements are a great way to discover what names other parents are using. You can use this knowledge for your own baby naming efforts and let yourself be inspired! Whether you view these as names that you'd never use or names that you'd love to use, lists like these can be helpful in the naming process.

If you were expecting a baby today and had to choose a name from this list, which would it be? Tell me your one favorite girl name and one favorite boy name from the following list. Share your picks in the comment section below! My choices are at the bottom of the page!


Ada June

Adalyn Ruth
Amira Renee
Annelise Elizabeth
Ansley Michelle
Ashlyn Olivia
Ava Chelsea
Aviana Rose
Cassidy Olivia
Ciara Elizabeth
Emma Grace
Evelyn Fae
Jessica Ann
Juliana Deborah
Kaitlyn Sophia
Kelly Lee
Khloe Marianne
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauryn Elaine
Lolah Marie
Luz Isabella
Morgan Serenity
Norah Eve
Olivia Faith
Paige Marie
Paislee Margaret Rose
Riley Marie
Serena Marie
Sophia Lynn
Violet Evelyn

Aiden Scott
Andrew William
Anthony Frank
Avery James
Bentley Michael
Bryan Rodrigo
Bryce William
Carter Bryce
Chase Charles
Christopher David
Coen James
Eli Nigel
Evan Jameson
Gage William
Jeffrey Cornelius James
Jeter Patrick
Jordan James
Josiah Levi
King Fredrick
Levi Edison
Logan Christopher
Michael Anthony
Noah Fiore
Parker Lee
Paul David
Roman Frederick James
Titus Timothy
Vince James
Wyatt Arthur
Zayne Charles

My top two picks from the above lists are:
Kaitlyn Sophia & Wyatt Arthur

What would you choose?

1 comment:

Rebekah Ratliff said...

Amira Renee

Noah Fiore


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