Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two Whole Years at The Art Of Naming!

Today marks 2 years since I began writing about names on The Art of Naming! I want to thank you all for accompanying me on my journey!

I have had a wonderful time researching and writing about names to share with you! I can assure you that I have plenty more to write about and I hope you will continue to come visit me here on my little blog and share your comments and thoughts with me when you can!

For those of you kind enough to follow me on my social media accounts as well (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus...) I want to give you a huge thank you!

It is the more interactive moments that I love the most! When you share your thoughts or your favorite names with me on my various posts, it brightens my day and gives me more motivation to continue researching and writing!

If you ever have a request, a suggestion, a question or even a complaint, feel free to reach out to me either on one of the above platforms or by email.  If you just feel like chatting about names with me, I'm always here to make a new name-nerd friend!

Thanks for the good times! I look forward to the year to come!

-Kara @ The Art Of Naming


Nancy Man said...

Congratulations Kara! :)

Abby Sandel said...

Wahoo! Here's to two more ... and two more after that, too!

Anna said...

Well done Kara ... and a very happy blogging birthday to you! :)


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