Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Name of the Day: Amabel

A name that was very common in the 12th and 13th centuries, Amabel is a rarity today. It was revived during the 19th century when a medieval fad swept through England.  Amabel is the feminization of the Late Latin male name "Amabilis" who was a Saint in the 5th century in France.

Amabel is a much older name than the popular Annabel. However, its shortened form Mabel has had much more popularity in recent times.  Amabel (and Mabel) mean "Loveable" in Latin which may appeal to parents who have high regard for name meanings.

This distinctive name would be adorable on a modern day baby girl. It fits right in with other old-fashioned names that are seeing a strong revival, as well as the popular -bel/-belle names. However, Amabel is much more unique (even though it feels familiar) because it has never once ranked on the US Top 1000.  As of 2013, there has been a total of 98 girls named Amabel on record since 1880. There were only 10 girls named Amabel in 2013 for a ranking of #10,209 which is very far from being the most popular name in the country.

If Amabel is too different for your tastes, Mabel is an adorable alternative to consider. A huge hit in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Mabel hit its highest ranking of #15 in 1891. It remained in the double-digits until it steadily declined starting in the 1920's. As of 2013, Mabel has jumped back onto the Top 1000 chart for the first time since 1964.  Now considered vintage-chic, Mabel ranked at #707 in 2013.

Either of these two lovely names would be a refreshing choice today!  I think Amabel deserves some usage! What do you think? Would you use Amabel or Mabel?  Here are some sibling and middle name ideas:

Sibling Name Ideas: 
Sisters: Beatrice, Caroline, Estella, Lavinia, Pomeline, Rebecca
Brothers: Augustus, Benedict, Dominic, Marcus, Peregrine, Theodore

Middle Name Ideas:
Amabel Celeste
Amabel Corinne
Amabel Frances
Amabel Grace
Amabel Josephine

Middle Name Ideas:
Mabel Aveline
Mabel Christine
Mabel Elizabeth
Mabel Joy
Mabel Tabitha

Share your thoughts on this name in the comments below!

First Published: 6/4/13
Revised: 12/25/14

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