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This is an older list.  I have rearranged the site. While this link is still active, I'd prefer if you clicked on the other tabs at the top of the page or the large links below. This one won't be updated anymore so you may be missing out on newer posts.   (Updated 10/2/2014)

Girl Names

Boy Names

New Name Lists Page


Ancient Names
Biblical Names
Celestial Girl Names
"Cool Names" For Girls
Disney Names for Girls
Flower and Tree Names
Four Letter Girl Names
Girl Names of Old Hollywood
Literary Girl Names
Mythological Girl Names
Nickname Names
Old-Fashioned, Vintage Names
One-Syllable Given Names
Spanish Names for Girls
Three Letter Girl Names
Top 10 Per Letter in 2012
Unusual & Quirky Names
Xcellent Names for Girls

Both Genders:
Baby Name Games:
1 Brother, 2 Sisters 
4 Sibling Name Challenge
ABC Game - 26 Kids!    
Car-Related Name Challenge
Celestial Initial Challenge
Month Initial Challenge
Unisex First Names Only

Birth Announcements:
Real Names, Real Babies
Penelope Hazel (#1)
Sullivan Rhys (#2)
Copelynn Eleanor (#3)
Caius Michael (#4)
Lily Raphaella (#5)

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